Supernatural Season 5 – It’s Awn!

So while in the Philippines, I realized I was going to be missing not just one episode, but TWO episodes of Supernatural including the 5th season premiere no less. And after that 4th season finale cliffhanger where Sam and Dean were seemingly about to be white lighted by Luficer’s glow, I was eager to see what was next, and on my long list of TV I had to catch up on, Supernatural was the first one I turned to.

First off, it was great seeing the show back, always one of the most consistently satisfying and enjoyable hours of television. It almost stands alone on the CW, and definitely stands on a different level from anything else on broadcast television. Having read almost nothing about the new season and not reading any reaction to the show’s return, I must say the first two episodes delivered, but not without faults.

Having a 90-minute mini 2-episode marathon could’ve helped, but I thoroughly enjoyed the start to the new season. It’s the Apocalypse stupid! And yet Kripke and Co. can still find ways to effortlessly lighten the mood and throw in the light moments in a sea of heavy brooding, impending doom. That’s what they do best (well, one of the things they do best). You can laugh, cry, cringe, and jump out of your seat all watching an hour of Supernatural. It has it all.

The immediate aftermath of the Lucifer glow was definitely not your typical or more likely stereotypical apocalyptic event. The boys were beamed onto a plane flying over Ilchester just as a huge light tower explodes into the sky. With Supernatural, the less we see, the better and more exciting and after the fresh season 5 opening, the boys are safely in a rental car heading for Carver Edlund’s humble abode.

It’s all calmer than one would expect, but this isn’t the complete Book of Revelations yet. And that has been another thing Supernatural has done well. Taking not just the standard campfire ghost stories, but religion, God and the devil, good vs. evil, and presenting them in new and completely unexpected ways; angels and demons in human vessels, modern metaphoric symbols in place of literal Biblical wording… just some of the things Supernatural has introduced to make what could be a tired genre fresh and entertaining.

The first episode reaffirmed Bobby’s role in Sam and Dean’s life. And his moments with Sam, both of them, demon-induced and med-induced were very emotional. Kudos to Jared and Jim for those scenes.

Lucifer appearing as that dead woman to draw sympathy from her husband, the vessel, was interesting. Lucifer trying to be sympathetic and take up a “Woe is me” attitude is definitely strategic and opens up tons of possibilities for how to move forward with the character.

Castiel popping up to save the day was a no brainer, but his “I’m going to find God” in the 2nd episode opens up many questions and sets up probably the most interesting celestial guest role the series has ever had. Will God make an appearance? And if He (She?) does, how?

The second episode was awesome as soon as Samantha Ferris and yes, Alona Tal’s names appeared on screen. It’s been a long time coming and after the CW felt Ellen Harvelle was too old for the network, the mother and daughter hunting team is thankfully back. It was just like old times. Rufus too.
But Meg was kind of a let down.

Wincest fanfic writer/Supernatural superfan? Hilarious win.

And finally, the Winchester Bros’ strained relationship. The core, the heart and soul of Supernatural has always been Sam and Dean. Their relationship has always been center stage and this season, it appears it will be tested like it never has been before. The Apocalypse has just brought on the end of the world, but it has also become the ultimate straw to the Winchestercamel’s back. Last week’s parting shot was of Sam hitching a ride away from big bro right after they shared another MaGMCM. Sam suggests they should go their separate ways as he’ll only be a burden on their ultimate goal. Dean (to Sam’s surprise) agrees.

This isn’t something we haven’t seen before, but now there’s the extra baggage and deeper context to think about that brings up a lot of story potential depending on how Kripke and Co. decide to tackle this aspect of the series.

Jared and Jensen, the two hardest working actors on network television, never fail to deliver. They can bring the funny, they can make grown men cry, they can kick ass. Whatever the future holds for Supernatural as a series, this 5th season is going to be big and I can’t wait.

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