Power Rangers RPM – 22: The Dome Dolls

Flynn is trying to fix his hummer. He lets Dillon rev it up and instead Flynn gets hosed with oil. Summer lists off what Flynn needs to do to fix it and heads off to grab him his tools.

Over in the kitchen, Ziggy puts a chef’s hat on Dr. K, she takes it off, he puts it back on. She takes it off again and puts it in the blender. He is trying to teach her to cook. He tells her about prison, but she walks away.

Gemma comes jogging into the Garage with Scott and Gem running in, out of breath just behind her. There is no way she beat them there, the guys say. Gemma smiles.

Meanwhile, someone is walking in the wasteland towards Venjix’s headquarters. He walks in just as Tenaya is introducing a new attack bot that can release toxins that can wipe out the entire city. It turns out the new arrival is Kilobyte, Venjix’s most feared general. Venjix thought he lost him.

Kilobyte orders Tenaya to clean up the sand he cleared from his head. Tenaya is a strong “woman” and won’t take that ordering around, but Venjix orders her to continue the plan on attacking Corinth with the straws bot.

The Rangers meet Tenaya and the Grinders in the city and the fight is on. Dr. K informs them of an attack bot across the city, so the twins stay to take care of the Grinders and the others go handle the attack bot.

The attack bot manages to get away, but it drops a bottle of pink stuff.

At Venjix HQ, Kilobyte laughs at Tenaya as the attack bot pours a bottle of yellow stuff into the city’s ventilation system. All of a sudden all the men in the city pass out.

At the Garage, Scott, Dillon, and Gem challenge Summer to make an impossibly shot at pool. She makes it, but no one sees it. She turns to see the guys on the floor passed out, Scott and Dillon holding hands. Flynn joins them.

Dr. K discovers the goop is a biochemical toxin and is chromosomally specific. Summer and Gemma run in to tell her about the guys and Vasquez calls in from the control tower to report all the men, including Col. Truman are out cold. She’s freaking out.

Ziggy goes outside to check on the guys and Dr. K tells them the toxin they picked up was specific for the XX chromosome, that for girls. Which means the one released into the city was the one for the XY chromosome and the guys.

Ziggy thinks he’s immune since he’s so physically conditioned… he collapses.

Gemma continues working on modifications for the Road Attack Zord, Dr. K works on an antidote and Summer goes to slap Vasquez out of her hysteria.

At Venjix, Kilobyte mocks Tenaya then turns his back to her. She is about to take a shot at him from behind, but Kilobyte turns and holds her up in the air. “Nobody likes a cheap slut shot!” he says, “but I do like your spunk.” Venjix orders him to release her.

At the control tower, Vasquez doesn’t want to be in charge of the dome. Summer tries to help her get her head straight.
Gemma is finished with the modifications, but it can only be activated using Scott’s engine cell. Dr. K is finished with the first antedote. They test it on Ziggy. He wakes up, holds Dr. K’s hand and says he had a dream, that they were on a date. Disgusted, Dr. K pulls away (“That sounds like a nightmare.”) and Ziggy goes back to sleep.

Summer and Gemma have to go stop a shield breach where the guards have fallen asleep. Instead of taking Summer’s bike, since this is an emergency, they take Dillon’s car.

Tenaya, her attack bot and a bunch of Grinders come face to face with Summer and Gemma who kick some ass on their own. They morph and finish them off as Dr. K continues working on the antedote.

Vasquez is ready and Summer tells her to initiate the storm in the city. The electrical storm takes out the Grinders, but Tenaya harnesses the electricity and blasts at Summer and Gemma. Vasquez initiates a tornado and the Grinders and the attack bot get sucked in, as well as the hood of Dillon’s car. Tenaya blasts at the control tower, causing climate control to go offline. The attack bot comes back to Earth as well as Summer and Gemma demorphing.

Dr. K has an antidote and sprays each of the guys, waking them up. She explains they inhaled a toxin that raised their level of serotonin rendering them useless. She hands Scott the Road Attack Zord and they are off.

Tenaya is about to shoot Summer and Gemma away but Kilobyte appears saying “No one likes a cheap slut shot!” and shoots at Tenaya.

The guys arrive, the team is back together and they zord up to finish the attack bot off.

Ziggy, Gem, and Gemma head over to the city’s ventilation system to pour in the antidote to wake all the men up. But Ziggy has an idea, with all the men asleep, the city will be crawling with chicks, all for the taking. Gem and Gemma give him a look and they proceed with the antidote.

Back at the Garage, Dillon can’t believe his car. Summer and Gemma come in with Dillon’s mangled-up hood. Scott and Flynn laugh and are thankful it wasn’t their cars the girls took.

At Venjix, Kilobyte is talking to his master about Tenaya. She doesn’t know the truth, does she? He asks. Of course not, Venjix answers and she never will. Tenaya listens to their conversation.


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