Power Rangers RPM – 15: Ghosts

The Rangers arrive in Omega City. After two days on the road, apparently Flynn can’t take Ziggy’s Ziggyness that much longer.

Ziggy wants to avoid rush hour traffic, to which Flynn responds “Rush hour? Are you serious!? Look around you man, we’re in a post-apocalyptic abandoned city.” They continue back and forth.

Meanwhile, Scott gets video of the two “zord-things” that came out of the blue to save them the other day. They’re still baffled by what they could be.

Flynn suggests “ghosts, maybe?” Ziggy can’t believe it. From ripping on him about the directions to now suggesting ghosts?

“Oh you have a better explanation now do you?” Flynn asks. “Well it’s not normal okay, it’s a giant flying chicken that’s shooting laser beams at people, really!”

Summer agrees it’s all weird, but Ziggy says to look in a mirror, “You cruise around in a giant yellow teddy bear. I drive a big green fish!”

Later, Dillon says they should turn back. He feels something is wrong, nothing looks familiar. Summer tells him to be patient, it’ll come back to him. They arrive near what was Kenmore Square and they get out to have a look around.

Back at homebase, Dr. K discovers they’ve been sent on a wild goose chase.
She tries to send them a warning, but they’re already outside the Go-Onger and her signal is weak.

She goes to Col. Truman to try to make contact there, but has no luck. She asks for more power to boost the signal. It’s already at full power they say, but she insists on more. Col. Truman says, “That means diverting primary power away from the city shield grid. You know I can’t do that. Not even for my own son.”

The Rangers reach the spot from Dillon’s memories. He gets nothing.
Scott suggests they split up, but stay in contact.

Dr. K asks Col. Truman if she’s ever told him about her childhood in Alphabet Soup.

Col. Truman: “I get the feeling you don’t like to talk about it.”
Dr. K: “That’s right. But that’s why, when I do, you can be sure it’s not just idle chitchat. You can be sure there’s real meaning behind it.”
Col. Truman: “Go on.”
Dr. K: “In the years I spent there, I was often asked to create things without ever knowing their purpose. In some cases, I could never even imagine what practical real world applications they could possibly have.”
Col. Truman: “Fascinating.” *takes a sip from his coffee mug*
Dr. K: “When I was 11 years old, I was asked to develop a colorless and odorless substance. That when added to a person’s beverage would instantaneously striken the recipient with diarrhea. A thousand times more extreme than the worse case of dysentery ever recorded. Now colonel, could you ever in your wildest imagination ever dream of a situation where someone would resort to using a substance like that?”
Col. Truman: “Corporal Hicks. I want you to divert 15% of primary shield power to our outgoing communications transmission for the next 10 minutes.”

In Omega City, Flynn and Ziggy are at the van when they hear Dr. K’s transmission. She tells them the device on Dillon had downloaded false memories into him. They go to warn the others, but Ziggy goes back to tell her about the gold and silver zords before Flynn drags him away. Dr. K can’t believe what she just heard.

Dillon tells Summer and Scott that he’s never been there before and they need to leave. Flynn and Ziggy come running to confirm it was all Venjix when a bomb comes rolling toward them and detonates.

An attack bot appears and sends grinders after the Rangers. When they take care of them, they go after the attack bot and morph. It thrashes them around and gets another bomb out. It hurls it at them, but all of a sudden, a Gold and a Silver Ranger fly out of nowhere and throws that bomb right back,

The attack bot sends grinders after the two new arrivals, and when you talk about easy work, this is it. They handily take care of the grinders without breaking a sweat and then set their sights on the attack bot.
Its bombs have no effect on the two.

The attack bots retreat and so do they before the Rangers can ask them any questions.

They head back to the van, dejected. Summer turns to Dillon, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you find the answers.”
“You guys are the answer,” Dillon replies, “I’m just looking for the question.”

As they drive off, the attack bot tells Venjix that the Rangers have just left and he’s left them a little goodbye present, a bomb on the back of the van. Venjix tells the bot that he and General Shifter will meet him near the canyon to give the Rangers a proper goodbye.

The Rangers drive through the wasteland. Ziggy is ready to open up another bag of chips. “This has got disaster written all over it,” Flynn says referring to the exploding bag. But it’s at that moment the bomb explodes as well. Flynn loses control of the van and Scott tells everyone to morph as they jump out of the van before it falls off the cliff and explodes into a huge fireball.

Venjix, General Shifter and the attack bot appear. “The wasteland is my domain,” Venjix says and shoots another explosion the Rangers’ way before they can assemble the RPM Enforcer.

Venjix then ties them up in a Venjix sequencing code.

At that moment, the two Gold and Silver zords come flying in again and the Rangers jump out to fight off another set of grinders. More easy work for them, a piece of cake for both who appear incredibly skilled.

They face Venjix and neither budges.
General Shifter tells Venjix to pull back and let Dynabot finish the job. They leave.

Gold and Silver take on the bot and have no problem with it. Attack bot blown to pieces.

The Rangers asks Gold and Silver to wait and the two ask if they need a lift.
They take them to Corinth.

At the command tower, they spot the two “things” approaching the dome, neither with any bio signatures. Dr. K tells Col. Truman to lower the shields.

Col. Truman: “Are you mad? Look at the instruments for yourself.”
Dr. K: “Their bio signatures are hidden by a stealth organic cloaking device.”
Col. Truman: “And how do you know that?”
Dr. K: “Because I built it.”

At the garage, accompanied by Col. Truman and Corporal Hicks, the Rangers bring Gold and Silver to meet Dr. K.

Ziggy warns them Dr. K is icy and cold at first, but “don’t take it personally, she treats everybody like that, I think it’s just the way she is.”

Dr. K walks out of her lab. A look of anticipation on her face.
Gold and Silver morph out of their helmets. Familiar faces.

“Gem, Gemma!” Dr. K tearily calls out.
The two smile, everyone unsure.
Dr. K runs to them and hugs them. They share an emotional reunion.

Gem: “Hello Dr. K.”
Gemma: “We’ve missed you!”

The Rangers smile, Ziggy gets the last line, “I guess she’s maybe trying a different management style with them, I…”

And with tears running down Dr. K’s face…


Episode Thoughts
While I would’ve loved the road trip to have lasted maybe an episode or two longer, it was as good an episode as last week.

The last scene of Dr. K’s reunion with the only two friends she ever had… totally got me. MaGMCM (Make a Grown Man Cry Moment) for sure.

With the world in ruins, it was also good to actually see it. Finally, “post-apocalyptic” is uttered, I was wondering when they’d bring that up.

I hope every episode doesn’t have Venjix having to drag everything out by retreating all the time. But RPM has managed to find ways to not make everything predictable and derivative with the “monsters of the week,” creative ways to have Rangers fighting but make it seem repetitive. So we should be fine the rest of the way through.

Well, this time, we have a two week break until the next new episode on the 4th of July. Looking forward to see what dynamic Gem and Gemma bring to the team. Should definitely be interesting.

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