Power Rangers RPM – 12: Blitz

Nighttime in Corinth City. Dillion is in the garage.

He has his morpher in one hand and the pocketwatch in another. He drops the morpher and gets into his car, but Dr. K’s lab doors open and his stopwatch is missing.

Dr. K’s lab, filled with fog turns into what looks like the inside of the Venjix HQ. Dillon sees a man in a hospital gown holding his stopwatch. The man turns around and it’s Dillion, too. Hospital gownDillon asks “Who am I?”
Dillion reaches for the stopwatch and he is suddenly in the hospital gown.

Someone comes walking towards him with a walking stick, a woman. Grinders appear out of nowhere and grab her.

Dillon fights off some grinders and tries to grab the woman before she falls into the well/hole Venjix brings his attack bots out of.

Another attack bot comes walking in and asks Venjix if he should initiate the upload on Subject D-44. Venjix says yes and to take his memories.

Dillon wakes up. It was a dream. He walks downstairs as Dr. K is telling the rest of the Rangers about a transmission coming from within the city which is meant to cause momentary shield energy transmission, but there is also another signal heading south through the sewer.

As they each head for their vehicles, Summer asks Dillion if he slept well and if he had any dreams. He replies he slept like a baby.

They head out, complete with totally gratuitous shots of their various awesome vehicles.

The middle part of the episode has Venjix sending in attack bots one after the other to wear down the Rangers. Tenaya 7 is sleepy and would rather go to bed than see Venjix’s creations go down as fast as they are sent out.

“Hey, you’re the one that created me with human physiology and emotions. Don’t blame me if I need to sleep once in a while,” she says.

Dillon and Ziggy find the source of the transmission and Dillon runs up to the rooftop where its coming from.

It turns out to be the attack bot from Dillon’s dreams and it says he still has Dillon’s memories. It calls him Subject D-44 and says his modifications aren’t complete, but it can fix that.

Dillon is about to shoot it, but it says if he shoots, he’ll lose all his memories.

Ziggy finally gets to the rooftop and runs to save Dillon who falls off the roof.

The attack bot faces the other Rangers and Dr. K tells them to finish it off so it can’t disrupt anymore signals.

Dillon stops them. Dr. K tells him he can’t let his personal agenda get in the way of the safety of the city. Scott tells him they have no choice, and Dr. K says she has to take him offline if he can’t destroy the bot.

Dillon does something that stops the shut down and he gets up to fight the bot himself. He realizes he’ll have to destroy it and says he’s making new memories.

While the bot is in the air amidst the explosions, it says Dillon will never know the truth.

Back at Dr. K’s lab, Summer is scanning Dillon. He wakes up and she asks him if he’s had any nice dreams. He replies “I’m having one right now.” She rolls her eyes and Dr. K has some bad news.

She tells them the attack bot had transmitted an initiation code into Dillon’s arm activating a virus that was dormant in his implanted robotics.

The machinery has restarted a self-generation process and the virus will keep growing until it has taken over him entirely.

Well, I must say this episode may be the weakest so far this season if only because most of the episode was morphed and zord fights. Good use of Sentai footage, but not much from the characters except for the beginning and end of the ep.

Dillon’s dreams return and we get a little more of what may have happened to him before we first meet him in the desert.

The Dillon/Summer sexual tensions continue as well which is very interesting.

After the last couple of flashback episodes, any episode that airs immediately after those, especially last week’s “Dr. K” will seem subpar in comparison. But the story still moves forward and the action was exciting enough.

So far, so good though for RPM.

4 thoughts on “Power Rangers RPM – 12: Blitz

  1. I really liked this 1. I think dillion and summer will end up going out. They would make a cute couple.

  2. They would. It’s great to see their relationship grow since the premiere. It would also be interesting to see if they explore a Dillon/Summer/Scott triangle which has been hinted at a few times already 🙂

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