Power Rangers RPM – 9: Ranger Yellow, Part II

The guys are out discussing Summer’s dilemma while fighting off a couple of grinders. Flynn and Ziggy talk about Chaz Winchester, the very rich guy Summer’s been destined to marry since she was 5 according to Ziggy.

Summer comes to save the guys and they morph.
Flashback to post-attack, we see Summer wandering the desert when all of a sudden, an ice cream truck arrives. It’s Andrews, who’s come to save her. He tells her they have to hurry before Corinth closes the gates.

Back to present-day, Summer asks her parents about the item in the paper announcing the wedding. She arrives at their home in the midst of what her parents call their “rehearsal luncheon” with Chaz playing croquet in the background and the Winchester family excited about the impending nuptials.

At the garage, she tells her parents she will not marry Chaz, but her parents tell her she needs to because they’re broke. All their money was lost after the Venjix attacks.
They wonder what happened to her when just a year ago, she would’ve jumped at the chance to marry Chaz.

Flashback to Andrews and Summer stuck in the outer lands, their ice cream truck broken down. They turn to walking and Summer says she’d like to rest, even though it turns out she’s riding on his shoulders.

They sit and Summer asks Andrews a question.

“You’ve known me my whole life. You practically raised me,” she says, “I don’t know your first name.”
“Time to go Miss Summer,” Andrews replies. He bends down so she can get back on his back, but she takes off her high heels and begins to walk on her own.

They reach the desert outside Corinth and she wants to ask him something.
“I need you to tell me the truth. Why do you put up with me?” she asks.
“I suppose it’s the same reason I’ve stayed with you and our family all this time,” he replies. “I’m waiting… waiting for you to show me who you really are. Underneath that make-up, that hair, fancy clothes, and that diamond.”

“I don’t know who I am.”
“It’s quite all right Miss Summer. I do. That’s why I’m happy to keep waiting.”

And at that moment, grinders sneak up on them, Andrews runs to push her out of the way; getting blasted himself in the process. They both roll down the hill.

Summer fights off the grinders then runs to Andrews who is hurt.
He tells her Corinth is 20 miles straight ahead. She says she can’t make it without him, that she still has to show him the real her.

With his last breaths, he says, “You will Miss Summer, I’ll be watching and I’ll be waiting.”
And he dies. He dies right in front of her!

Amidst the attack on Corinth, Summer arrives in the dome and reunites with her parents. 22 minutes until the shields are raised.

Back to the present-day, Ziggy announces 22 minutes until they’re filthy rich. The garage has been transformed into a wedding hall.

Tenaya 7,disguised as the caterer taking care of the cake, tells Venjix she’ll have the diamond.

As the wedding is ready to begin, Summer’s friend asks Dr. K if they know each other.
“I grew up working ‘round the clock in a top secret government think tank codenamed ‘Alphabet Soup’,” Dr. K says.

Summer is in her wedding dress and Dillon and Scott are arguing over whether she should through with it. She tells them to save the dance for later and they leave.
Dr. K comes in telling Summer she looks “positively radiant,” which someone told her is customary, though she doesn’t believe it.

Summer laughs but notices something on the screen. She asks Dr. K to help her pick out a dress.

Outside, the wedding march begins and a veiled Summer walks down the aisle with her father. Before they begin, Mr. Landsdown welcomes everyone and says how happy he is to welcome back his daughter, the “old Summer,” “back and here to stay.”

Scott stands and says before everything, he’d like to talk about the new Summer.
Flashback to post-attack, Summer overhears Eagle 2’s mayday from the outer lands and the despite being told he’s too far out with too little time to save him, she offers to go save the stranded pilot in the outer lands. That pilot being Scott. They race towards the closing Corinth gate and slip in (as we saw the in the first episode).

Back to the garage, Mr. Landsdown holds up the diamond as Tenaya 7 back in her skin suit flips across the room to grab it. Grinders storm in and hold the Rangers and the guest at “gun”point.

Tenaya 7 rips off Summer’s veil (“Love the dress Ranger Yellow.”) only to reveal Dr. K who says, “Thanks! I would say I was positively radiant.”

Summer appears explaining no caterer would put a cake next to an oil barrel and the battle ensues.

Summer in her wedding dress and the guys in their tuxes (Dillon with his leather jacket, Flynn with his kilt- that one of the grinders pulls up to take a peek under) fight off the grinders with all the decorations and place settings flying into the air.

Summer and Tenaya 7 come face to face. Tenaya goes for Summer and the diamond. Summer takes off her veil and uses it. Tenaya eventually throws Summer to the ground and gets the diamond, giving it to the camerabot which grows into the city.

Summer pushes Tenaya aside, to the shock and joy of her parents and the guys run to her. They are speechless as they see Summer in her dress, especially Scott and Dillon who try to muster “You look…” which Summer continues with “positively radiant.”

She pulls out her morpher and the guys, mouths still open, fumble for theirs and go off to easily topple the monster in the city.

Meanwhile, Tenaya gets up to face Dr. K, challenging how smart she is. Dr. K picks up a violin, turns up the volume and blasts Tenaya to the floor.

After everyone’s calmed down, the Landsdowns decide Summer won’t go through with the wedding and that they’ll get jobs. And all live happily ever after… for now.

The “Yellow Ranger” two-parter has gotten mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it. Just like “Ranger Red,” you really see and feel the high stakes brought about by the Venjix attacks.

In “Ranger Red,” Scott saw his brother’s fighter jet explode right next to him and then see the same charred jet making it impossible his brother survived.

Now in this episode, Summer is at her butler’s side as he takes his last breath. This is heavy stuff. I think the heaviest since Wild Force and Cole visiting his parents’ graves after their murders.

This episode also gave them an excuse to have the Rangers fighting in formal wear AND two wedding gowns! That fight sequence was pretty awesome.

So another great episode of RPM. I hope they can keep this up!

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  1. the scene when the guys had a funny moment while looking for their morphers was the greatest. i laughed so hard. i even replayed the scene over and over. lol!

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