Power Rangers RPM – 6: Ranger Green

Ziggy walks into Dr. K’s lab and starts playing with a weapon when Dr. K pops up from behind a bank of computers and tells him not to touch it, it’s untested. It turns out Ziggy is there for training time so Dr. K can assess his abilities and find what if any use he could have for the team.

She asks him why he’s staring at her. “I thought you’d be a dude,” he says.
Dr. K replies, “Sorry to disappoint you.”

She says the Green suit’s capabilities enable him to instantaneously transport from one place to another, or teleport basically. Ziggy morphs, tries it out and ends up teleporting his suit away and is standing there in just his boxers and helmet.

Dr. K says this is probably not the first time he’s failed and this brings Ziggy back to his failing a driving test.


Ziggy is meeting with Fresno Bob, who isn’t sure Ziggy is cut out to be part of their “criminal enterprise.” All of a sudden, it starts to shake, things are falling over… the news comes on the TV announcing Venjix has started attacking cities and everyone is now advised to head to the domed city of Corinth.

Back in the present day, Ziggy is trying to give Dr. K his good assets, why he’ll make a great Green Ranger. He says they can become great friends if she gets to know him. She says no, “I don’t like you.”

The alarm sounds and an attack bot is attacking the city’s main computer banks, trying to steal the city’s shield codes. She says they have to use Green’s teleportation to take the attack bot out and bypass its magnetic interference.

Ziggy tries it and teleports, but they have no idea where he is. He ends up in a bank vault and gets arrested.

In a cell, Ziggy tells Col. Truman he’s not a criminal, he’s just “incompetent.” He couldn’t teleport back there even if he tried. Col. Truman asks Dr. K to vouch for him. She can vouch for the incompetency, but not for the criminal part.

Col. Truman says they’ve checked around, Ziggy was with Fresno Bob when he arrived in Corinth and set up the Scorpion Cartel.

Flashback to Ziggy and one of Fresno Bob’s guys coming out of a Jungle Karma Pizza (Jungle Fury wink wink) with some cash, threatening whoever’s inside. Next stop? Ziggy asks.

Ziggy knocks on the door of an orphanage. He forcefully tells the nurse who answers the door “I’m here for Fresno Bob’s money!” The nurse smiles and replies “Hi Ziggy, come on in.” They’re friends.

Ziggy asks where all the kids are, the nurse says they’re all in bed, stricken with Child Gamma Sickness. The orphanage has done all they can, but have run out of money getting medical supplies and medicine.

All of the city’s five cartels want Ziggy “ghosted,” Col. Truman reports. What could Ziggy have done to have all five cartels want him dead. Ziggy won’t answer. Summer and Dillon go directly to Fresno Bob. He’ll tell them, he says, it’s not like it’s any secret. There was a truck…

Flashback, Fresno Bob gives Ziggy a job, drive a truck across town to him. If he does this, then he’ll be part of the group forever. Fresno Bob is depending on him, this deal is so huge, all the five cartels have come together (Scorpion Cartel, Ronan’s Blue Crew, Spike Mike and the Boys, the Southtown Sweet Tooths, and the Yo-Yo Brothers) so Ziggy better not mess it up.

Fresno Bob tells Dillon and Summer, Ziggy got greedy, he wanted the cargo all to himself.

That’s all they need to know. Dr. K tells Col. Truman to take Ziggy’s morpher. He is suspended from Project Ranger.

They get a call from Scott and Flynn, they need backup. Dillon and Summer arrive to join in the fun, leaving Ziggy with Col. Truman. But not for long as two of Fresno Bob’s goons manage to make it inside to Ziggy’s cell. Meanwhile, Benny, another of Fresno Bob’s goons goes to see Dr. K. He wants to talk. She lets him into the Garage.

While the Rangers call on the zords, Benny tells Dr. K that Ziggy is in trouble, that Fresno Bob is going to make an example of him for what he did. But in reality, Ziggy didn’t take the shipment for himself. The shipment was a truck full of medical supplies which he took to the kids at the orphanage. He couldn’t tell anyone otherwise the cartels would’ve gone after the kids.

So Benny helped Ziggy escape the city and that’s when he and Dillon met.

Ziggy is now at the racetrack with Fresno Bob and all the cartels. They’re ready to kill him for losing them millions. Fresno Bob asks why he did it, Ziggy says “All you need to know Bob, is that I’ll do it again.” Fresno Bob replies “No Ziggy, you’re not gonna ever do anything ever again.” The cartels move in but all of a sudden, a cloaked Dr. K glides in with the blaster she was working on.

Ziggy jumps out of the way and Dr. K zaps all the clothes off of the goons. Everyone runs leaving Fresno Bob asking Dr. K what she wants. “I want him,” she says.

They leave, she hands him his morpher and he rejoins the team. His zord combines with the megazord and they finish off the attack bot.

Back at Dr. K’s lab, Ziggy insists they’re friends now, but Dr. K maintains that he is just a piece of equipment to her. They continue practicing teleporting. He teleports into the beams.


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