Power Rangers RPM – 4: Go for the Green

At headquarters, Dr. K is explaining to Dillon how each color of the Ranger Series is designed to configure the movement of electrons within the energy biofield in a configuration that bends time and space in order to achieve a specific function. Series Blue is designed for time field manipulation, basically freezing time for 10 seconds. Series Yellow can throw fireballs. Series Red has a three second burst attack. Series Black gets an invincibility shield, blocking an attack for 5 seconds.

The Rangers are having an America’s Got Talent type of audition for the Ranger Operator Series Green, but the people Ziggy is bringing in are far from Ranger material. Scott, Summer, and Flynn buzz ’em all away.

While the Rangers find it all amusing, they can’t waste anymore time finding a Green Ranger. Ziggy tells them he has the ultimate candidate they can’t refuse and runs outside to the line of auditioners to find one, until he is found by Fresno Bob. A mafia/mob-type who asks Ziggy where “it” is, an “it” worth $5million. Fresno Bob tells the two big men to “pound it” out of him.

They take him out back and Fresno Bob motions to take care of him, but suddenly they hear whistling, to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell. A girl comes out of nowhere and puts the two big guys away. “Wanna play too Jabba?” she asks Fresno Bob, and he and his two henchmen leave but isn’t done with Ziggy yet.

Fresno Bob throws Ziggy a calling card with “The Scorpion Cartel” on it telling him to meet them at the track or else.

Ziggy thanks the girl and she says she’ll just go back in line, she wants to audition. Ziggy’s found his guy… er, girl, and runs in to tell them. But what he doesn’t see, the girl’s eyes light up, and it turns out to be part of Venjix’s plan to infiltrate the Rangers and destroy them from the inside.

The Rangers test her out and she seems to be off the charts… again (like Dillon). Her name is Tenaya Sevenson. She’s perfect… too perfect.
They welcome her to the team. Ziggy runs to headquarters to grab the Green morpher so they can do the bonding at the theatre.

Meanwhile, another Venjix attack bot is drilling underground towards the city.

At the theatre, Cpl. Hicks is scanning Tenaya for Venjix hardware and brushes it off when the detector is giving off a positive. He apologizes and Tenaya says no problem as she reveals a chip on the back of her neck and proceeds to take care of the Hicks and the other officer.

Ziggy is back and sees Tenaya transform into her Venjix body. He runs with the morpher, but Tenaya meets him outside as he tries to escape with a scooter. Tenaya introduces herself as Tenaya Generation 7, Venjix Human Infiltration Attack Bot.

He sprays her with windows washing fluid and speeds off. She puts down her visor and follows. The Rangers go back to the theatre and find the scene. They run off to find Ziggy,

Ziggy calls Dr. K and tells him the situation. Dillon is on his way. The whistling begins again.

At the Garage, Dr. K tells the Rangers there is some disturbance underground. Tenaya finds Ziggy and he manages to outsmart her and buy some time until Dillon can find him.

He heads to the tracks to meet with Fresno Bob. Ziggy hands him the bag with the morpher. “I just came here to give you what I owe,” Ziggy says, but Fresno Bob says what he owes doesn’t fit in some bag.

Tenaya comes and proceeds to beat down Fresno Bob’s men. She tells Fresno Bob to give her the bag. Ziggy runs off leaving the two sides to fight it out and has the morpher in his pocket. Dillon arrives and Ziggy jumps in his car. Tenaya jumps on his car but he flips her off. She pulls Ziggy out of the car and Dillon jumps out to help him.

Dillon and Tenaya fight. “You’ve had upgrades,” she says to him. Ziggy takes out his morpher only to have Tenaya grab it. He gets up and fights her for the morpher. It gets attached to his arm and eventually he pulls the switch and Ziggy is now the Green Power Ranger.

Now it’s a morphed Ziggy and Tenaya fighting. Dillon blasts her away, but she tells them the gopher bot has already infiltrated the city. The Rangers go find it in the woods.

They find it and battle, calling on the zords later for the three as Dillon and Ziggy watch from the ground.

Back at Dr. K’s lab, Dillon introduces the new Green Ranger. And he demorphs to reveal himself. Scott, Flynn, and Summer are shocked. Dr. K isn’t sure this is going to work, but he’s bonded with it and it’s done. The Rangers leave, frustrated, confused… and Ziggy is having fun with it. He wants to wear it out on dates.


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