Power Rangers RPM – 3: Rain

Scott, Summer, and Flynn are showing Dillon around “The Garage,” their headquarters. Dr. K comes on over the speakers and answers Dillon’s “Where did this all come from?” question by explaining how he had been working on exoskeletal robotic suits that amplified human strength and speed.

During development, they discovered a universal bioelectric field, an unseen energy grid that connects the life force of all living things. Being able to manipulate this field brought about unimaginable advancement in technology, including… the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Biosuits.

“Right,” Dillon says, “because nothing says covert like bright red, yellow, and blue spandex.”
“THAT IS NOT SPANDEX!” Dr. K yells back. He goes on to explain the material is a self-assembling nano-fiber formed with an intercellular sheet memory alloy.

Dillon says while everything seems very impressive, he’s got better things to do than be their “black power dude.” Summer tries to reason with him, Flynn says the only place he’s going is back into a cell. Scott says the “chump” wouldn’t make it through basic testing anyway.

So they put him through tests to make sure he can handle the Ranger biohardware. They don’t expect him to handle them, but he more than passes with flying colors.

Scott still doesn’t trust him. But they have no choice otherwise the city’s defense shields will get infiltrated soon.

Meanwhile, Venjix has another bot (Generation 9) which will enter the city through the water supply.

The Rangers walk through Corinth City, showing Dillon how the dome works to have a controlled environment. It starts to rain and Dillon is struck by a brother and sister playing. He agrees to join them on one condition, Ziggy is released from jail.

Dr. K bonds Dillon with the Series Black file hardware and Series Black is now online. Ziggy wants to savor the moment and takes pictures with the Rangers morphed until Dr. K not to subtly tells him to stop. His comedy doesn’t last long though as he asks Dr. K “What’s with the spandex?” and he ends up having to scrub the garage floor with a toothbrush.

The Rangers head up to their respective rooms. Dillon holds the stopwatch and listens to the music. He has a dream of a woman and letting go of her hand.

He wakes up and goes downstairs, asking Ziggy if he knows a way out of the city. He says the city vents out gas at dawn at Station 19. Dillon takes his morpher off, throws it into Scott’s car, hotwires it and takes off.

Meanwhile, Venjix’s attack bot has arrived inside the city and unleashed a mist that disrupts the shield. Venjix sends in an army of grinders and the alarm sounds at the Garage.

They all wake up to see Dillon and Scott’s car gone. Scott can’t believe it, no one touches his car. But they have more important things to deal with. They find the attack bot and fight it and the grinders.

At Station 19, Dillon is getting ready for that few second window where he can escape the city walls.

The three Rangers are in pursuit of the attack bot but more grinders try to block their way. Their energy levels begin dropping as there are too many for them to handle.

Ziggy is back at headquarters asking Dr. K what they can do. He rewires the computers to transmit the Rangers through the radio frequencies so Dillon can hear. He does just as he punches it towards the gate, but he stops and turns around to help.

Dillon takes care of the grinders while the other three handle the big bot. They call the zords and combine into the High Octane Megazord.

It’s a big fight, but the Rangers pull out their knife from the back of the megazord’s foot and they finish it.

Ziggy wants to high-five Dr. K, but he tells Ziggy to just stop.

The Rangers call in to Dillon and Scott asks for a status update. “I’ll be fine,” Dillon replies, but Scott means to give a status update on his car. Dillon cuts him off and walks away.


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