Power Rangers RPM – 2: Fade to Black

Dillon asks “What’s a Power Ranger?” Ziggy can’t believe he doesn’t know and just points to the Red, Blue, and Yellow-suited people fighting off some kind of robot. They watch as they handily take care of it.

At Venjix HQ, Generals Shifter and Crunch tell Venjix the city shields are not yet at full power. Venjix tells them to send in the drones, all of them.

At the control tower, Col. Truman orders his troops to get the shields up NOW, but he is informed of drones entering from all sides. They begin attacking the city. A voice coming from a computer screen, calling itself Dr. K, seems to be commanding the Rangers. Dr. K sends in the zords.

The Rangers fight off the drones, but Ziggy notices grinders on the ground readying some kind of weapon to ambush Yellow with. “I hate grinders,” Dillon says and they both get back in the car.

Dillon finally gets his car to start and surprises Ziggy by backing into the grinders, stopping them from firing at Yellow and instead shooting up at the drones. The Yellow Ranger thanks “whoever you are” as Dillon looks up and smiles.

The drones retreat and the shields are back up, but Venjix downloads something to embiggen the attack bot. The Rangers combine into the High Octane Megazord and pull out their tricks to finish it off.

Afterwards, the Rangers meet up with Dillon and Ziggy. The Yellow Ranger demorphs to reveal Summer and asks Dillon what they can do to repay him. He asks for some gas and water but he’ll be on his way. Corinth authorities arrive and scan Dillon finding he has internal Venjix hardware, generation 7 at least.

The three Rangers are back at headquarters and the voice from the TV, Dr. K, tells them that Venjix is developing faster and stronger. Flynn tells Scott they must activate Series Black, but Scott says they don’t have anyone that can handle the Series Black hardware.

In a cell, Col. Truman is questioning Dillon. He says he doesn’t know his name and doesn’t know where he’s from and doesn’t know how he has Venjix hardware in his body that also gives him enhanced physical abilities.

In another cell, they’re questioning Ziggy. He’s telling them his entire life story, including the first time he looked himself in the mirror and learned to “love himself.” Ziggy’s colorful stories have attracted a crowd of soldiers.

Col. Truman is asking Dillon if he’s a human that’s half-robot, or a robot that’s half-human, he can side with them, or he can side with the enemy. Dillon says he’ll always side with himself. Summer comes along and asks for a chance to talk to Dillon.

“Alone at last,” Dillon says and asks if he can be honest. He tells her “Yellow is definitely not your color.”
She comes back with “Do you have to work hard at the whole brooding bad boy thing? Like seriously, do you get up in the morning and practice in front of the mirror?”

Summer tells him she doesn’t care where he came from, she wants to know where he’s going. She takes out his stopwatch that plays a specific tune that seems to mean something to Dillon. She leaves him to think.

Venjix introduces his new attack bot to his generals, Tenaya 7, something Venjix has been working on for a while as a pet project. He says it looks truly frightening, truly terrible… the bot looks human!

Back in prison, Dillon and Ziggy share a cell. Dillon is looking for a way to escape and Ziggy expects to tag-a-long, but Dillon asks him one good reason he should take him along. Ziggy answers that he can make shadow puppets and that he can be a big help. He’s got a lot of friends inside, one of them just happens to walk by. But the other prisoner seems to be more an enemy than a friend.

They threaten to “ghost” him, a euphemism for killing him I guess.

The Rangers are discussing Dillon’s qualifications with Dr. K. Is he the guy that can handle Series Black? Flynn is not sure about the “machine.” Summer defends Dillon saying there’s more to him than those mechanical parts in his body. Dr. K says it’s Scott’s call as team leader, but Scott is just as reluctant at Summer’s suggestion, not seeing anything impressive about the guy at all.

Dillon and Ziggy go to the cafeteria where they meet another one of Ziggy’s “friends.” They are surprised Ziggy would ever show his face in the city after “what [he] pulled.” The prisoners surround him and Dillon doesn’t get involved. They pin Ziggy down onto the table. The guy, Ronin, says he doesn’t have respect. He examples that everyone in prison leaves the strawberry Jell-O just for him because they respect him.

Dillon eats his food and gets up to get dessert. He scoops up the last of the strawberry Jell-O and provokes Ronin and his guys. They go at him, but Dillon easily handles them all, throws them around, all while holding his tray of Jell-O. A couple of other guys walk in and they get thrown down the stairs.

“Sweet mather molasses!” Flynn exclaims as he, Summer, and Scott watch it all on security camera footage. “Impressive enough for you?” Summer asks and the three of them visit Dillon in jail.

They introduce Dillon to Dr. K via computer screen and tell him, his only ticket out of there is if he joins them. He answers “Well, that all depends… do I get to pick my own color?”


Episode Thoughts
Great episode getting to learn more about Dillon and Ziggy. They seem to be very interesting characters. I hope we get to learn a lot more about the three main Rangers as well. All in all great start to the season!

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