Recap: The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars, Episodes 7 and 8 – “They’re going to think we’re crazy on the streets.”


It was an absolutely thrilling, fun, action-packed two hours of The Amazing Race. One of the best episodes ever I think.

The Leg
There is a 16 hour difference between the first and last place team. The lead teams learn that they need to fly to Warsaw, Poland.

Dustin & Kandice, Charla & Mirna, Oswald & Danny tell the travel agent to hang up on Uchenna & Joyce.

The BQs get on the first flights that arrive almost two hours before the provided tickets. Uchenna & Joyce seem to have obtained tickets that get them there at the same time, 9:10AM.

Meanwhile, Charla & Mirna and Oswald & Danny stay seven hours at the travel agent before getting a flight that arrives at 9:45AM.

Joe & Bill and Eric & Danielle are not let on their connecting flight in Kilimanjaro. Joe goes to the side of the tarmac and starts ringing his bell to stop the plane. It doesn’t work and they have to take a morning flight.

Uchenna & Joyce are not let on the early flight and the BQs arrive first in Warsaw where they make their way to “Chopin” playing

The BQs arrive at the Detour.
In Perfect Pitch… they must find and fix the out of tune key in a grand piano. The pianist then plays Chopin to make sure the key is in tune. In Perfect Angle.. they must carry a mannequin to the Panoramik Laboratory and position it under an x-ray machine at the right angle to obtain their next clue.

The BQs have an easy time at the Perfect Pitch Detour with Dustin’s piano playing experience and glide their way to the Pit Stop (Missing Road Block!) at park where the monument to Jan III Sobieski Lazienki is located.

Oswald & Danny struggle at the Detour and break a couple of piano strings, but finish. Charla & Mirna struggle themselves, but then switch Detours and do Perfect Angle. The Polish people basically ignore them until they meet one woman who leads them to Panoramik.

Meanwhile, Joyce’s own piano playing experience help them quickly finish and they place 3rd. Charla & Mirna finish 4th.

The Guidos and Eric & Danielle are more than 12 hours behind the first place BQs who now start the next leg of the Race in the middle of the night.

This is the first time since season 1! that teams have started a leg while other teams have yet to complete the previous leg.

They learn that their next clue is at Auschwitz, but they will take a charter bus… which will leave at 1PM the next day. And here’s TAR’s way of allowing the Guidos and Eric & Danielle to catch up.

It’s a non-elimination leg and all the teams are now either on the 1PM charter bus or the 5PM bus. The BQs, Oswald & Danny and Uchenna & Joyce are on the 1st bus and arrive at Auschwitz where they pay an emotional tribute to those whose lives were taken away there, in a solemn moment reminiscent of TAR6’s tribute to the slaves in Senegal.

Auschwitz was actually a lot more emotional, especially being at night. (It definitely had me tearing up.)

After the emotional moment, the teams make their way to Krakow where they find an Intersection . Oswald & Danny and Uchenna & Joyce are first, they team up and complete the Fast Forward where they must count the steps on the stairs of the towers of St. Mary’s church and the Town Hall in the city. They finish and tie first and Oswald & Danny defer the prize to Uchenna & Joyce.

Meanwhile, Dustin & Kandice have to wait a few hours for the next bus for a team to team up with. Charla & Mirna arrive first, they hesitate to team up with them, but they decide its better to just go.

Eric & Danielle and Joe & Bill arrive last and team up.

The teams head to the Detour. In Eat It Up… teams must make a 3-inch kielbasa sausage and then each team member must eat a 2 foot long sausage. In Roll it Out, teams have to roll out 20 bagels and then deliver them to a restaurant.

The BQs and Charla & Mirna go to Eat It Up They make the 3 inch sausages, pray together and dig into their 8 feet of sausage. The Guidos and Eric & Danielle get lost on their way to Roll It Out so they go to Eat It Up and the four teams are neck and neck. Bill finishes his sausage before the girls, upping the determined girls to finish there’s.

Dustin throws up after she finishes her sausage (Eric: “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss California!”)

Of the girls, Charla is the only one left. She decides its time for her to throw up the sausage so far. In one of the funniest moments ever on all of reality television, Charla decides to stick a knife in her mouth to make herself throw up, and she admittedly has no idea what she’s doing. (Charla: “I don’t know how people do this.”) Everyone cracking up, Bill and Danielle covering their ears… it was just madness and hilarity.

Eric & Danielle and The Guidos finish first, but the BQs and Charla & Mirna realize that they must drive themselves.

Charla & Mirna fall behind and has a frantic encounter with two taxi drivers. However, they still manage to beat Eric & Danielle and the Guidos to the Road Block.

The BQs finish it first where one team member has to dress in armor and then lead a horse through the forest to the Pieskowa Skała castle gates. They are 3rd.

Charla has trouble leading the horse as they turn in several circles on the road, but ultimately the finish 4th.

The Guidos finish 5th, but their 30 minute penalty kicks in and they are eliminated.

The Teams
Charla & Mirna are just continuing to be a whole mixed bag of emotions. I can see how they can annoy everyone, but there’s also much to love and enjoy about them. They are pushing forward.

Dustin & Kandice did well these two legs. Even though I thought there were all right in TAR10, I enjoy them now. They are Racing well and are not as cocky as they were in TAR10.

Uchenna & Joyce are rolling along as well.

Oswald & Danny continue to have fun and still do well on the Race. It was fun seeing them at the piano/concert hall place.

Eric & Danielle seem to be the closest dating team ever! [/sarcasm] Danielle didn’t seem as useless this week, she actually did well, especially at the eating Detour. I still think Eric could do better on his own.

And the Guidos, Joe & Bill. It must suck to be done in, once again, because they could not overcome their immense distance from the lead teams. It also sucks that they had to be part of two of the few times in TAR history that teams have been more than 12 hours behind the rest. Still, while not as ruthless and cunning this time around, they still Raced well enough to get this far and were very enjoyable to watch.

Honestly, The Amazing Race: All-Stars has not had one single bad episode/leg yet. Even last week’s episode was better than most. TARAS might really be the best TAR season ever!

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