Recap: The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars, Episode 9 – “These are the future Charlas and Mirnas of the world!”


Well, even though we pretty much knew who was going to be eliminated from the start, it was still a fun episode.

The Leg
So we have the teams learn they will have to make their way to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Uchenna & Joyce take a chance with a very tight connection through Frankfurt. They don’t make it. Meanwhile, Charla & Mirna are able to find the earliest flight and arrive in Kuala Lampur 3 hours before the others.  They chase a bus that will take them to the Batu Caves.

At the Caves, the teams climb up a whole lot of steps to get their clue which tells them to go to Kampung Baru Mosque. It takes a while for Charla to get up there, but they maintain their first place lead.

Charla & Mirna chase after a bus.

The BQs Yield Eric & Danielle.

Charla & Mirna pass on the Yield and find their Detour. In Artistic Expression, teams have to use a technique known as batik to duplicate a print onto a long piece of cloth and then dye it. In Cookie Confection, teams have to bite through 600 boxes of cookies until they find one with a licorice center.

Charla & Mirna (maybe thinking about the biting through chocolates Road Block from TAR5) choose the cookies.

The BQs arrive next and decide to Yield Eric & Danielle. They then go straight to the batik Detour, while Charla & Mirna give up on the cookies and switch over.

Meanwhile, Oswald & Danny get lost AND THEN disagree over which Detour to do. Oswald & Danny then arrive at the cookies, seeing the mess C&M made and start the Detour, while disagreeing on what exactly they need to do.

The BQs finish first and go to the Road Block, Part-Time Job. Here, they have to use a bike and go around the neighborhood trying to collect old newspapers for recycling. “Surat Khabar Lama” is the phrase they can use to ask for papers. Kandice has an easy time, yeah.

Oswald & Danny disagree

Lots of fern friends in Malaysia.

Back at the Detour, Charla & Mirna pull ahead of Oswald & Danny, while Eric & Danielle finish their Yield and head to the cookies.

As Charla & Mirna arrive at the Road Block, the BQs finish, make their way to the Pit Stop and score another first place finish, yeah.

Pretty soon, all three teams arrive at the Road Block. Mirna gets LOTS of help from some local Malaysians (who, I’ve learned, are big TAR fans) whom she calls the next Charla & Mirna (TARAsia look out!). They finish 2nd.

Both Danielle and Danny are short 4 hand widths of papers.  Danielle complains about doing all the hard Road Blocks (and how Eric is a woman) as she has to go back while Danny has to pay money to get papers at a gas station.

Eric & Danielle finish 3rd despite being Yielded and Oswald & Danny, who are still a little bit frustrated are 4th.

Night falls as Uchenna & Joyce, who are probably a day behind, finally arrive in Kuala Lampur and are told to go directly to the Pit Stop where they are eliminated.

Eric doesn’t look happy.

The Teams
Well, we have our Final Four teams!! Wow, time definitely has flown!

Charla & Mirna have really run an amazing Race so far. They have had the perfect mix of luck and skill/strength to do very well. Add lots of personality and you’ve got a real All-Star team.

Dustin & Kandice are also doing very well. Not as smug and cocky as they were in TAR10, the BQs are making good decisions and are very strong. They could actually go all the way.

Oswald & Danny were a mess this leg. Some bad luck plus their confusing decisions and bickering really put them far back in this leg. The usually happy-go-lucky ChaChas were hit with a little bout of frustration this leg. Let’s hope they get over it fast.

Uchenna & Joyce were drama-less, which is definitely not a bad thing. They didn’t Race particularly well, but they were a decent team. They fell because of bad flights, which seems to be a recurring theme this season. But at least they’ve already experienced going to the end, and their marriage seems stronger than ever.  Best wishes to them! And hopefully, they’ll get to be parents very soon! 

And finally, Eric & Danielle. I honestly have never heard “Dirty Pirate Hooker” before in my life, but while it got a chuckle from me, they are still not All-Stars in my opinion. If only Danielle had to repeat that TAR9 Yield experience all over again, it would’ve been awesome.

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Charla: “They definitely don’t need a stairmaster in their country.”

Mirna: “I love licorice! You know how much I love my cookies. Cookies with licorice! Can’t get better than this!”

Charla: “That’s a lot of damn cookies.”

Charla: “Oswald & Danny just came Mirna!”
Mirna: “Yeah, I see. I’m not blind!”

Danny: “Who’dve told me I was going to be a sweatshop in Malaysia.

Malaysian Man (to Kandice): “You should have no problem getting free newspaper. The way you look, yeah.”

Mirna: “You don’t need this many newspapers, it clutters your house and then you become a clutterbug.”

Mirna: “I recruited team Charla/Mirna… youngsters. These are the future Charlas and Mirnas of the world! The juniors!”
Mirna (to Young Malaysian Man): “Stay out of drugs. Go to school. Be a professional. And you’re in good shape.”

Danielle: “Every Road Block that is designed for a guy, I am doing. And every Road Block for a girl, Eric does. He’s a woman.”



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