Best Contender of the Season

What a fight… I would’ve prefered Manfredo and Gilbert meet in the final 4 instead of the elite 8… but still, it was an amazing fight… I wouldn’t have expected Joey Gilbert to come alive in the 3rd and 4th round especially after getting his ribs mashed up in the 1st… He really does have a big heart, a lot of determination… Peter Manfredo, I still don’t know why he hasn’t been fighting at his best… He should’ve have beaten his last 3 opponents easier than he had (and of course, he should’ve won against Alfonso in the first round of the tournament). Anyway, that was the best fight of the series, definitely… just an amazing fight…
I’ve rooted for Manfredo since the beginning and I really can’t root for anyone else… maybe Sergio Moya or Jesse Brinkley… not really for Alfonso… and definitely not for Anthony Bonsante…
I wish I could go to the finale, but $175 each for tickets!!!! Darn…


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