French AP Exam = Tres Drole

Man was the FRENCH AP exam just TRES DROLE… I just wanted to start laughing, but couldn’t since I’d have to start coughing and I only had so many Ricolas in my pocket… lol… Here’s my response to one of the Speaking questions:
“Uh… um… (pause)… uh… (pause)… *BEEP*”
lol…. oh well, I should be studying for CALC… but I really don’t feel well, I’ve been sleeping since 6PM when I got home and I’m about to go back to sleep after waking up for an hour to watch the end of the GIANTS game and eat some dinner… lol… okay… Good Luck to anyone else taking the AP tests this week!

and I’m excited to hear the WESTLIFE/JESSICA SIMPSON duet… Why can’t Jessica go back to singing normal instead of that breathy screaming? She was so good the first time she came out… The “Against All Odds” duet of Westlife and Mariah Carey was good, but no one in the US even knows about it… maybe this will be the single that Westlife has to break into the American market…
yeah right… lol

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