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Well… the West won again… I was definitely rooting for East’s Jimmy Lange, but Joey Gilbert had the heart, as Sly and Sugar Ray said… hopefully they vote to bring Jimmy back, but I think they gave it away in the promo for next week that Ahmed would be brought back since they had him fighting in the promo, unless it was from a previous episode… unlikely though… darn, Jimmy didn’t really get a chance to prove himself, I was surprised that he didn’t fight better than he did.

Well, Tom Brady isn’t the best actor… lol… he should stick to TDs… lol… Amy Poehler’s Caitlin character is hilarious, I like her…

Wow… so the 10th Anniversary is coming up… and I guess Nickelodeon is showing the classic episodes in anticipation… and man, what memories, I remember “Randy and Mandy” and all that chocolate… and Ross Perot… and how Josh Server and Alisa Reyes would always play characters that were romantically involved… lol… and the best one, Lori Beth and “Vital Information”… classic… the new All That sucks so much

Well… football will FINALLY be in Primetime and not go past midnight for once… well technically for us, it never mattered, but at least now all of the country will get truly primetime football… and being an NBC supporter most of the time, I’m glad they’ll get a much needed boost now with the NFL… I was definitely shocked by the news today, I knew that Disney (ABC/ESPN) was working out a new contract with the NFL, but I didn’t think that it would all work out like this… good stuff though… GO NINERS! Make GOOD decisions this weekend!

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