Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 9 – “We have a bad elephant!”


Definitely the best episode of the season… it was funny when that man gave them their clue on the train, he looked scary while he was walking through at 1AM… lol… India has always been the most hectic and chaotic destination on the RACE… and it was no different tonight… I loved all the chaos during the DETOUR… It was insane… but man, talk about child labor… Rob was pushing the kids to help them push the elephant… and then poor Meredith had to push the elephant all by himself with a bunch of kids… why did that man tell Gretchen to get up on the elephant? But then she should’ve gotten off anyway… its okay though… they are still awesome… FINAL FOUR BABY!!!
Woah, just rewatched the episode and it was funny when they had those two “gay guys” in front of them helping them… lol…

I have to say… while I love Meredith & GretchenJoyce deserves to win just for doing that… In the recycled FAST FORWARD (from TAR5 when models Brandon & Nicole refused to shave off their golden locks) it was so heartbreaking to see Uchenna do that… I hope they really do receive good luck… if not winning the RACE, then being able to have a baby… they totally deserve it… there was a lot of foreshadowing, sehe was wearing the headscarf she “stole” (lol) from the temple last week…

Lynn & Alex… too bad they were eliminated before Rob & Amber … It was funny that they actually put on all their clothes again in the hopes of it being non-elimination… Ron & Kelly, well just Kelly redeemed herself when she tried to get the Indian people to help a very tired Meredith

Rob was pissed at the mat though… he wanted 2nd so bad he shoved Ron & Kelly at the mat…
The wedding looked fun… everyone (except Romber and Ron & Kelly) looked like they had fun and enjoyed the wedding celebration…

Well, next week should be a non-elim… then either a non-elim or elim depending on if they will have 3 or 4 teams in the 2 hour finale…

Lynn: “I would drink my skin care if I had it with me.”

Lynn: “Oo… its like Cinderella’s castle”

Gretchen: “We have a bad elephant!”

Amber: “I’m holding the elephant’s tail”

Rob: “Its tough organizing Indian labor”

Kelly: “Elephant parking!”

Gretchen: “I should have never gotten up on that elephant!”
Meredith: “Its okay, you had a good ride.”

Gretchen: “We got an obstinate camel”

Gretchen: “Talk nice to the camel!”

Gretchen: “We had a slow elephant… a slow tuktuk… and a slow camel”


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