Revelations, Veronica Mars, Craperican Idol


That was pretty good. Very exciting and eerie too… with all the miracles and that satanist and the vision of the cross and the Latin-speaking/scripture-quoting comatose girl… It does seem however that it should be a three part mini-series instead of 6 weeks of hourly episodes…. this is more of a movie/mini-series type event… oh well… still very, very good…


Got a chance to watch it last night, it is such a good show… I hope Duncan didn’t kill Lily, but the way they’re making it seem like he did… the more its not him… I have no idea who killed her, but I’m starting to think what if its Veronica that did it? Logan and Veronica kiss? eh… I prefer Duncan with Veronica… even Wallace and Veronica better…


Well… what’s going on here? The wifebeater, the wannabe rocker, and the reborn Justin Guarini are still in… great… I guess go Carrie… I’m still waiting for Jasmine to make a return performance on the show, but fat chance of that happening…

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