Bush Inauguration, Lost, Battlestar Galactica

And so #2 begins… I fly with my right wing only

Okay… let’s get caught up..
The eeriness continues… so what’s up with Walt? Is he some kind of witch/warlock/wizard? Or is he the spawn of Satan? (Wait… thats Point Pleasant on Fox, nevermind) I still think the dog, Vincent plays a HUGE part on the island. He’s always running off… he’s either the dinosaur or the polar bear or both… Whenever either one appears, Vincent is missing… I was waiting for Vincent to return at the end of the episode, expecting him to have cuts and wounds becuase they attacked the polar bear, therefore attacking Vincent…
I don’t know… how freaky was Claire at the end of the episode? Darn no new episode next week… we’ll have to wait
I was sooo tired I fell asleep during the episode… but I’m sure it was a great episode, I was just sleepy… I was like “What the frack?” when the bullet broke the guy at the beginning… lol… Somehow I want Rambaldi to make a comeback.
Okay… I saw some of POINT PLEASANT… Marissa reminded me about it, I saw some of the beginning but it didn’t hold my interest like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA did… I’m still waiting for that whole GOOD vs. EVIL battle on PASSIONS… lol… screw traditional soap opera… let’s get Charity back and give Tabitha and Endora more airtime… lol… Anyway… back to PP… I’ll probably be watching THE APPRENTICE on Thursdays anyway… which premieres tonight… hopefully this season will be better than last season’s… and hopefully my favorites (if I have any) make it to the halfway mark of the show (Darn Trump, firing Pamela and John too early)
And is it just me or do all the people on AMERICAN IDOL, and I mean everyone, seem fake this year? I’m not laughing as much anymore…

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