Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 10 – “Are there instructions on donkey handling?”


…Aaannnndd they’re off!… THE RACE! Jonathan and Victoria are finally PHILiminated…

Okay… so the loudest, most quarrelsome, most angry, most physically violent, most annoying team in the history of THE AMAZING RACE has finally been PHILiminated… I was a little surprised, Jonathan was pretty calm… strange…

The Ethiopian children are so nice and sweet… Kendra started running her racist mouth off once they found out they were going to Ethiopia… but then she had an asthma/panic attack and so the children helped her and she changed her mind… she wanted to take them home with her… Freddy said that Lori & Bolo would never cut in front of him? He really thinks he can take on Lori & Bolo who are three times his size…

Anyway… they were YIELDED… but it really didn’t matter. Adam was a dumbass and didn’t know where to go… Rebecca was very witty this episode… liked that little mini-confrontation with her and KendraAdam and Rebecca have another “blow up” at the airport over their relationship…

Lately, Kris & Jon haven’t been performing as well as they have been… I got hints of frustration today… not good… they seemed tired as well… maybe they shouldn’t go clubbing when they’re supposed to be resting… lol… they were still they usual lovable selves most of the time though…
Jon: “Who wants to be my donkey?”

Hayden and Aaron recovered nicely in many ways, especially after last week… they went from last to first… and they stopped being so annoying… Hayden was very nice to the Ethiopians… and loved Aaron‘s crack about him being good at “guiding asses” and then pointing to Hayden… and the best part is they didn’t fight 98% of the episode which helped them regain their rootability

It looked like Phil was ready to crack up when Jonathan & Victoria arrived at the mat… which by the way was probably specially made by the locals… nice change… anyway… I don’t know what to think about these two… whether it was medication, a medical problem, or just plain acting, Jonathan and Victoria have been one of the most memorable (although unlikable) teams ever in the Race…

Overall the episode was an AMAZING recovery after last week’s pretty much slow episode… 3 more weeks, 2 more episodes until the 2-hour finale on February 8th… but just 6 weeks until the new Race starts!





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