American Dreams – Stupid, slutty Meg

Meg is stupid… so stupid… geez… stupid, slutty Meg… lol…
Anyway… two weeks until the next new episode… hmm… JJ and Beth’s wedding… “For Richer, For Poorer” … is scheduled to air on January 23rd… but there is one episode before it, “California Dreamin'” … AD episodes aren’t stand-alones and can’t air out of order since the Golden Globes are on Sunday… but “Starting Over” (with the much anticipated Sam & Meg… dance? hook-up? who knows…) is scheduled to air on the 31st… anyway I’m confused…

No use in watching the People’s Choice Awards because THE AMAZING RACE lost Favorite Reality Show-Competition to the screaming competition crapfest otherwise known as American Idol…

…but hey, I guess they need a little promotion for the new season since they’re slipping a little… well a lot, they’re on a downward spiral… anyway… TAR has not one… but TWO EMMY Awards… and its popularity is only growing every season… take that! lol



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