American Dreams, Tidings of Comfort and Joy – AMAZING

I just rewatched the best AMERICAN DREAMS episode ever, “Tidings of Comfort and Joy” … and I realized two things… first the funny thing: Nick Warnock (of Apprentice Season 1) said he had to buy an alarm clock because it seems like every week his boss was firing people (“You’re fired, you’re fired, you’re fired”)

And the other thing… another fact that proves just how well-written AD is… when JJ sees his buddies in the forest, I thought it was just a dream… but when they ask him to stay with them… I think it could’ve meant that he would stay with them… in “heaven”… they all had died, and if JJ had stayed with them and not left like he did, he would’ve died too… He said that he had to “get home” … at least that’s how I see it… powerful stuff

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