Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 37 – Thunder Struck (Part 1)


Words can not describe how amazing this episode was. Okay let’s go in order… I think Conner and Kira could still happen, the two of them going to prom together? Huge possibility. Jump to Mesogog’s lair where he uncovers his Weapons of Mass Destruction… or really, his lasers that’ll turn all humankind into mutant reptiles. He needs energy to power the lasers up so he starts with taking Elsa’s energy away. She is strapped and the beam destroys her (or so it seems) powering the lasers, just a little bit. Trent comes out of the shadows and demands Mesogog release his father if he can get him the Dino Gems. Mesogog and Trent come to the conclusion that they can trust each other, so they have a deal. Jump to the top of a building in downtown Reefside, a long-haired woman spins around, disoriented…. and surprise… its Elsa… or at least human Elsa or whatever her name turns out to be… (Mrs. Fernandez maybe?)… but wait, here’s Zeltrax coming to take her away.

So Cassidy ruins Devin’s proposal to go to the prom by telling him that if they don’t find out the true identities of the Power Rangers, they’ll be fired from Channel 3. Cut to the theatre where Ethan is already waiting in line for a movie (the sequel to the best science fiction movie ever made) that will come out in 2 days. He meets this girl (who looked a little older than Ethan) who will probably end up being his date to the prom. Dr. O calls him and tells him to meet them at the wherehouse where Zeltrax is holding Elsa. At the wherehouse, another amazing unmorphed fight with Conner, Kira, Ethan, Tommy, and Trent against Zeltrax. But wait, its time to morph and who’s there? Devin with his trusty camcorder ready to record everything, and he does.

Tommy finds Elsa inside the wherehouse and they bring her to the lab. Trent explains his plan: they give him their Dino Gems, have Mesogog release Mercer, and they run before Mesogog can get his hands on the Gems. Everyone is pretty reluctant, it is a very risky plan, but they have no other choice. He says that he will open up an invisi-portal for them to be able to get through with the new vehicle. They leave Elsa alone in the lab as they go see Hayley’s newest toy. She uses her controller and a huge semi (hmm… an Elf perhaps?) comes driving towards them.

At Mesogog’s lair, Trent thinks he’ll actually release Mercer, but Mesogog uses that head laser beam thingy and takes the Gems and powers the WMD lasers. Trent tries to get his strength up to open the portals. In the truck, Hayley says they’re already at the optimum speed but the portals aren’t open yet. She tells everyone to hold on just as Trent pushes the button in time for Hayley to drive the truck into the invisi-portal. They make it through to Mesogog’s island. Mesogog is of course angry and sends tyrannodrones to stop the truck. Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Tommy go out to fight them in another amazing unmorphed fight scene. They all get to use their Dino Powers, first Kira’s Ptera scream then Ethan’s skin armor. Tommy yells to Hayley that she go ahead to destroy the laser and she speeds on through.

Hayley is one hell of a driver as she maneuvers through Mesogog’s explosions. Tyrannodrones decide to go and destroy Hayley’s laser on the roof of the truck. The t-drones change the lasers alignment and Hayley calls Conner who uses his super speed to catch up to the truck. He fights off the t-drones on the roof of the truck. Wow, another awesome fight scene… And after Conner kick ass, he realigns the laser, Hayley tells him to get his ass off the truck and she fires at Mesogog’s lasers and the lair. The lasers (which are freakin’ huge) are destroyed and the lair explodes. The place is destroyed as Trent grabs the Gems and runs to find his father. Mesogog is hit by something and collapses. Trent finds his father and they try to escape the lair. Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Tommy head back into the truck and Hayley is ready to go. Kira worries about Trent (ewe) but Tommy says he knows his way around the place. They get their butts off their island and through the invisi-portal right before the island implodes on itself.

They don’t see Trent or Mercer anywhere. Ethan jokes that they could come fall out of the sky (like Kira did in Day of the Dino [Part 2]) which they did. Tommy says they should get back to the lab… and we jump to the lab to see Elsa reacting to an explosion right next to her. Zeltrax has made his way into the lab and is destroying the place… the place is a disaster and he takes Elsa again… to be continued

WOW This episode was freakin’ amazing. It has to be the best episode in Power Rangers’ entire 12 year history. Every single thing about the episode, the acting, the dialogue, the action sequences, the fight scenes, the twists, the turns, the toys… everything was perfect. The effects were perfect… there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing this episode was. I’m sure part 2 will be just as amazing, but it will be hard to top this episode. (Well if we get a Conner and Kira kiss in part 2, then it easily becomes the best episode ever 😉

This season is one episode from being over… why?!?!?!?!

Some caps from the finale:

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