The Hollow + American Dreams

omg… THE HOLLOW… what the fudge was that? where do I start… why in the hell did ABC Family buy rights to this piece of crap… first of all, the editing to censor “bitch,” “ass,” and “holy sh!t” (all said by Nick Carter, mind you) and the editing to have to zoom in, in order to avoid showing the actual head separated from the body made the movie even worse…

the story: nonexistent… the acting: oh geez… it was funny seeing Kevin Zegers in a movie without an athletic dog being part of it… the headless horseman? the costume was so bad you expected it to be all a prank at the end, but it wasn’t… I even thought the father would end up being the horseman, doing it as some sort of stupid trick… but no…

the movie goes on to waste the talented, hilarious Eileen Brennan (who was hilarious as Mrs. Peacock in Clue, one of my favorite movies of all time) and we are then treated to Kevin Zegers in a swordfight with some guy with a plastic pumpkin on his head… oo and then he erupts in flames… I can’t even list everything that went wrong, I expected a half-decent movie, but nope, I should’ve known better… really everything went wrong… the story was there originally, but who knows what went wrong when they first came up with the idea until they finished with the movie…

after a little stop at, the movie was suppose to be rated R? oh, wow… and Nick Carter actually did promotion for this crap?

on to actual GOOD television: AMERICAN DREAMS
missed that whole part of JJ and the bartender… everything else was very good though… loved JJ saying “don’t let all those guys break your heart” and we see Meg after Sam says they can’t hang out for a while… I think Sam broke her heart… lol

And the BOSOX are up 2 in the World Series… maybe CARDINALS can take a page out of the SOX’s book and come back from 3-0…. lol… at least the PATRIOTS won

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