Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

What the hell was that? Did Doug Sloan get lazy? And next week’s episode looks stupid too… I mean come on, we’re at the final episodes here… the only good part of the episode, while creepy, was when Mesogog said “Welcome to your nightmare” to Elsa… was he gonna rape her or something… WTF? and I think they chose the stupidest Abaranger scenes… did you see those stupid motions the Japanese rangers make? and the monsters… ugh… Sentai seems really stupid, bloody, gory stupid…

here’s a funny list:
1. University of California, Berkeley
2. Santa Clara University
3. San Francisco State University
4. University of San Francisco
5. University of California, Los Angeles
6. University of Texas, Austin
7. Stanford University
8. University of the Philippines, Diliman
9. University of the Pacific
10. St. Mary’s College of California
11. California State University, Hayward
12. San Jose State University
13. University of Southern California (lol, yeah right)

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