The Apprentice


WTF was that… i mean, of course the women were going to win… the men were doomed to lose from the beginning… did u see the clothes they had? those are the kinds of clothes i see when they talk about fashion shows and i’m like “who the hell would wear that crap?” … ugh… Trump what the fudge are you doing, theres been something wrong on every episode this season… i thought Mark Burnett was a reality genius (well after Bruckheimer and Bertram van Munster of course)

who was that guy who wanted to jack up the price? $410 from $95? editing probably… IMO, Raj should’ve been fired, he was annoying the hell out of the designer… and how about the people making the clothes, were they just sitting on their asses the whole time? where’s the clothes? it shouldn’t have taken that long to make crappy clothes like those…

i hate it when my favorites are eliminated one week after another (see Jim & Marsha and Bob & Joyce from TAR5)… so first Pamela now John… damn it… Pamela and John were very strong, they took initiative and leadership roles through the whole thing… can’t see that anywhere else

ganging up’s also been a problem, of course Trump is going to believe the majority, and the majority wants to save their own asses… so now, I have no idea who I want to win… closest thing to a favorite for me is Jennifer M, but that’s only because she’s from SF, but she hasn’t done anything significant like Kwame last year… which means she’ll probably make it to the end…

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