Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 32 – Thunder Storm (Part 2)

the SATs?

-The all out battle between Conner, Kira, Ethan AND Shane, Tori, Dustin… I think that just showed how much the Dino Gem powers are better than the ninja powers… so much action… I wanted Kira to let out that Ptera scream out on Tori, but of course they couldn’t have too violence … Kira and Tori were really going at it… Conner and Shane on bridge catwalk… I wanted Shane to fall off, but that’s okay…
-The battle in the Abyss
-Mesogog vs. Lothor… damn… intense… but of course Mesogog is going to win…
-The morphing… how fast did that go… 5 different types of calls… lol…
-Marah and Cassidy noticing each other, that was hilarious… you knew it was coming… lol… Katrina Devine is definitely hotter as Marah
-The mega battle… wow… TONS of action… kinda like Forever Red… Once again, DT has much cooler toys… lol… Super Dino Mode, hover cycle, Triassic… but…

-it was too rushed, in fact there could have easily been a 3rd part to Thunder Storm… but oh well…
-Conner and Ethan commenting on Tori… she may be cute, but she’s no Kira
-Blake was freakin annoying
-Crappy ending

-Woah… wtf is up with Mesogog and Elsa, are they hitting the sheets or something, I thought he was going to pull her into a kiss or something… that was creepy… lol

Lothor: “Let me guess, does it have 12 legs and come in assorted colors?”
Mesogog: “There’s only 5 colors this time…”

Conner:: “Can I get you anything? A donut… muffin?”
Shane: “I try to stay away from sugar… makes me hyper.”

Conner: (referring to Tori) “Dude, she’s kida cute, don’t you think?”
Ethan: “Yeah, in a crazed ninja terminator sorta way.”
Kira: (hitting Conner) “Would you two focus here?!?!”

Mesogog: “Its time for you to say bye… this time, mean it!”

OVERALL: (out of 4)

Red vs. Red

Blue vs. Blue

Yellow vs. Yellow

DinoThunder kicked Ninja Storm’s ass


GO CAL! well… good effort and good game though


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