Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 31 – Thunder Storm (Part 1)


Hmm…what to say… a little diasppointed, but not much…


-Great to see the NS rangers, very good fight scene with the new students

-Marah and Kapri!! Seems like a long time

-Marah in one scene, then flip straight to Cassidy in the next (can’t wait to see Katrina Devine in a scene with herself, lol)

-Mesogog and Elsa capping on Lothor… he deserves it… lol

-Very little Trent, just the way I like it


-I thought this was DINOTHUNDER, not NINJA STORM, at least give James, Emma, and Kevin more airtime that that

-The DT vs. NS scene was a let down… of course NS was going to win that, they’re evil… but otherwise, DT would’ve whooped their a$$es…

-Shut up Tommy… ugh its ok for Conner, Kira, and Ethan to lose, as long as you don’t “destroy” the enemy… bring out the big guns!! geez

-Is Kira becoming a slut? lol First her crush on Trent, then she hits on Blake, and of course her hidden feelings for Conner…

-Definitely didn’t meet expectations, but hopefully Part 2 will make up for it…one week!

(out of 4)

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