Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 27 – Fighting Spirit

Wow, I didn’t think the episode would be that good… definitely one of the best of the season, the most dramatic/series/mature ep of the season…

First the first scene of him getting electrocuted by the machine, which results in him going into a coma… wow… they even made it seem like he was dead at first… then they’re in the hospital, this is only the 2nd time I’ve seen a hospital on PR… the other time was on PRWF when Dr. Adler (the most evil villain ever) attacked the rangers… actually that was a pretty heavy episode too, Cole learned Dr. Adler killed his parents and they actually had him say “KILL” which you don’t hear on PR, you don’t hear “DEAD” or “DIE” either…

anyway… I wasn’t really excited about the “fighting past selves” stuff before the ep, but those scenes were pretty good… you gotta hand it to Jason David Frank, how long has it been since he’s done his own stunts? 8 years? its good that the whole “fighting past selves” part actually served a purpose… if he didn’t win the fight, he would’ve died…

new music! pretty good… the stories were balanced even if it was suppose to be a Tommy-focus ep… Trent got his ass handed to him first… the whole battle with the rangers was pretty good too… hmm… Devin and Cassidy had to have been watching the whole time, they had to have seen them demorph… interesting… back to Tommy vs. Zeo Red, Tommy vs. White, Tommy vs. Green… again, those scenes were really good… the scenes at the TV station were good, Devin stood up to Cassidy, I guess he’s still pissed about Cassidy and Ethan

aww… Conner and Kira flirting again… these have to the ballsiest rangers ever… Conner, Kira, and Ethan all wanted to fight the Terrorsuarus unmorphed and without power (Trent just tagged along and disappeared, what a bitch ) geez, love the new music… well we havent seen that morphing sequence in a couple of months… who knew they could bust out super dino mode in the zord? evidence of how bloody, gory, and violent Japanese sentai is… the megazord drilled straight through the Terrorsaurus, but they had to edit it so it wouldn’t seem obvious…

anyway overall amazing episode… no stupid jokes or pointless subplots… amazing writing especially for PR… just everything about it was perfect…
and (out of 4)

its going to be 2 for 2 becuase Sunday’s The Passion of Conner will be another amazing ep… this ain’t the PR of your childhood that’s for sure


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