Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 19 – Lost and Found in Translation

(out of 4)
SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2004

Can’t really have a good and bad list for this episode.
First off, it was great to see the TRUE, REAL DT rangers alone and not bothered by “them.” Conner, Kira, and Ethan finally alone… I know tons of PR fans are pissed… this wasn’t the episode they were expecting… but it was good becuase it was meant to be funny and stupid, unlike other episodes and gimmicks in a few other PRDT eps that werent meant to be, but were stupid and laughable…
Many were expecting some kind of team up or something, or have the DT rangers go to Japan, but all they did was watch a dubbed episode on satellite…. which isnt possible because Sentai isn’t dubbed… the dubbed lines were soo stupid, but it was funny stupid… like MXC on Spike… its stupid, but funny… Sentai is wierd… Maybe the writing makes up for those crazy graphics and animation and overacting… but its Asian television… i know, ive watched ABS-CBN and TFC… lol… it can’t be all different right?
we’re halfway through the season, it was a light episode, just to kickback, relax, and enjoy it… no story movement, stand alone ep… its was good… it couldve been better, but i see what Doug Sloan was aiming for in producing this ep, and he achieved it

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