Zenon Z3 and Crushin on Brenda Song

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I think the best Zenon yet. Kirsten Storms is a much better actress (and hotter, by the way) as Zenon instead of being annoying, whiny Belle Black. Anyway, glad to see and hear Glenn McMillan not try to do an American accent. He is definitely a much better actor now than he was on PRNS… Zenon has been Disney Channel’s only real successful original movie (Cheetah Girls? yuck) and they’ve turned it into a franchise. I agree that its surprising that Disney didn’t make Zenon into a weekly series, but of course Kirsten Storms has better things to do, like whine and complain about Shawn…
But overall a good movie, the new Proto Zoa is funny… Raven is still annoying… the girl group’s lead singer looked like the girl from Pixel Perfect… lol.. OH YEAH! I made a cameo in the movie! Well, that little personal assistant thingy was named Lester… lol

oh yeah, again… did u see the commercial for Disney’s 3 summer movies? Who’s that looking cute? Marissa knows… Brenda Song! lol

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