I had an 8 hour tape…

Very touching eulogies this morning… I remember reading those about those stories BushOne included in his eulogy.

Hmm… so tomorrow at 8:30AM Bully for Ethan will air, and on Sunday at 10:30AM after the Made-in-Japan-athon, Lost and Found in Translation will air. Two new PRDT eps in one weekend… very nice, lol…

Darn… TAR isn’t going to air on AXN in the Philippines, so I guess I will have to record the first 3 episodes. Hopefully the power here won’t go out or something and erase all the stuff… I remember when we went to Seattle, I wanted to see the edited version of The 10th Kingdom that was going to air on NBC that weekend. I had an 8 hour tape, and not one single minute recorded, even though I had set it on Thursday… ahh, its ok I have the DVDs…


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