The Amazing Race 5 Team Reveal First Thoughts

BUSH-CHENEY = 4 MORE YEARS! :D Going to try to finish reading, maybe in the Philippines:
Reflections: Life After the White House
By Barbara Bush
hopefully in the Philippines :D

Well the team announcement on The Early Show this morning didn’t give much insight. I don’t think I have a pre-race favorite yet, maybe Bob & Joyce…  I always root for the “older” teams… season 1 had the sweet couple David and Margaretta… season 2 had the “gutsy grannies”… and of course season 3’s runners-up, the hilarious Teri and Ian… (they’ll have several quote of the days…lol)  I definitely know I have a pre-race least favorite… Allison and Donny… ewe… stupid slut…lol
GO TO to read more about the new teams and vote in the pre-race polls!


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