Here’s Some Real Memorable Moments from 10 Years of The Amazing Race

Here’s Some Real Memorable Moments from 10 Years of The Amazing Race

CBS posted a nice video highlighting ten moments from the last ten years of The Amazing Race in celebration of its 10th Anniversary.  But I couldn’t help but feel like they dropped the ball with some of the choices, so I decided, why not collect some of my own choices for the best, most memorable moments in TAR’s 10 year history.

Here they are!
Best Breakdowns
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Most Heartwrenching Moments

Best LOL Moments

Best Foodie Moment

Best NSFW Moment

Best Finishes

Best Overachieving Moments

Best OMG Moments

Best Display of Karma
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CBS posted my submission! + Trump is a sore loser! + JJ Abrams is insane posted by BEEN THERE, DONE THAT submission…

Don’t believe me? Log on to

Trump is a sore loser… he is deep denial that he lost

Speaking of LOST, ABC’s new drama from ALIAS genius JJ Abrams is freakin’ INSANE! How amazing was the first part of the premiere tonight… wtf is ABC’s problem airing only the first hour of LOST in favor of a 2 hour Bachelor? yuck… anywayz… so many things going on, it was awesome… and that THING in the jungle… what the hell is it? dinosaurs?monsters? aliens? stupid plot like THE VILLAGE? let’s hope not that last thing…

The Amazing Race 5 Finale Thoughts

Well, the 5th season of the Emmy award winning THE AMAZING RACE has come to a close… one last leg in the Philippines… if I ever do the RACE, I hope they go to the PI again… I mean find the island with the right flag? I wouldn’t have to blink to find the flag… lol… tough road block, but where’s the DETOUR??? no eating BALUT? darn…

off to Calgary, ever since TAR3 I wanted to luge or bobsled… how sweet would it have been if Colin & Christie were left in Calgary or Denver and Chip & Kim and Brandon & Nicole went ahead to Dallas… lol… man, no final roadblock… are they getting lazy?? anywayz… very, very happy that Chip & Kim won… sucks that Colin & Christie were 2nd, but they should’ve been out last week anyway… so itll be a few months at the most till the next ADVENTURE begins… I can’t wait!



And how about BB5, happy that Drew won… it was kinda scary, you didn’t know where the Jury was leaning… good night for television, well good night on CBS at least…

update tomorrow

The Amazing Race Insider Clips for Philippines!

In Phil‘s diaries this week, he talks about the “unique” Jeepneys

On THE AMAZING RACE INSIDER, Kim says she is much more appreciative of LA air because of the pollution she experienced in Manila… she says she wouldn’t be able to stay in Manila for more than a week with that kind of air, her allergies would start acting up, her eyes are watering… I wonder how they felt when they first got that BLAST of hot, polluted air once they left their airport

Brandon & Nicole discuss the traffic in the Philippines… lol… and how you can’t change lanes if you wanted to… first of all, THERE ARE NO FREAKIN’ TRAFFIC LANES! and 2nd… they probably didnt see the worst of it… lol

I’m still after watching last night

Here are some great photos from of the CARABAO and the RICE FIELDS in Victoria, Laguna, Philippines:

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 11 – “It’s okay, run them over!”


Wow, the moms get bitchy with each other… hmmm… early roadblock… more time in the Philippines? wow that’s hard… you need a lot of arm strength for that… Cavite! Jasmine Trias country… lol… did u see the rice fields? lol

Colin & Christie better miss that connection… Chip was funny crossing the “Girdle” HA! They missed it! Woah, they got the same flight… wow Ninoy Aquino International Airport… lol you cant open the window!!! AIRCON!!!! lol did the taxi driver say his name was “Allan,” but with the Filipino accent, I guess Chip & Kim heard him say “Alla” lol

I see Phil with jeepneys! hell yeah!!! YIELD!! YES FINALLY!!! THE YIELD!!! and on Colin & Christie!!!

wow that wouldve be so cool if they could put their names on a Jeepney!!! they just got there and I am freakin excited… wow… bring on the BALUT!!

ooo… patos… hahaha… Christie… she’s like a carabao… loved that!!! hope that bus is AIRCON and not ORDINARY… lol wow Christie is a big help… he doesn’t want to help you… this is the best episode of THE AMAZING RACE ever!!!

no traffic… sorry Linda, no such luck… hey that’s Gloria’s duaghter!!! lol… yes Chip & Kim 1st… omg… good that Linda & Karen are 2nd… but………..

YES!!!!!!! …. Woah, woah,,, WHAT THE HELL…. non-elim… are you kidding me…. damn it… those bitches are going down…

Finale next week baby! TWO FULL HOURS…

rankings? basically the same… Brandon & Nicole, Chip & Kim, and Linda & Karen tied for 1st… Colin & Christie a distant 4th…

Who has the lead?

^ From
Who has that lead? TAR does, and a very convincing one too…

Tonight’s the night! Will the real Ate Glo make an appearance? Maybe Ate Glow herself will make an appearance… or will the roadblock have one of the teammembers learn the Otso Otso… FIND OUT TONIGHT @ 10PM!

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 10 – “If They’re Screwing the Helmet to My Head, It Can’t Be Good!”

Colin’s a psycho… aww Brandon & Nicole were cute… lol… ooo Kami and Karli, you can’t lie if you’re dumb… ugh lucky again… I thought they weren’t suppose to be given maps by the show?

lol dude, Brandon… “Nikki bangin’ her head”… the moms… Karen: We choose not to use the yield” (off on the side) Linda: “yeah, because we’re last!” lol… wow SLEDGING looks hella fun… here comes the yield… oh they didn’t, never mind..

lol ZORB… but that’s an easy road block… come one… where’s the finding one mask in a dark room of a hundred people… geez… the Zorb…
but I still want to Zorb… and Sledge

aww darn it… Colin & Christie 1st again… Brandon and Nicole, what the hell are you doing??? lol “Thank God, literally”

wow the twins were pretty late… that’s editing for ya… at least finally theyre done… yield next week?

here we go! Colin has a MELTDOWN IN MANILA next week!! Just like Typhoon Igme told us in July:

After episode 10

also.. some great tennis today between Capriati & Williams and Roddick & Robredo… i was happy with both results

Charla made this the BEST SUMMER EVER

VH1’s Best Summer Ever special said that the #1 thing that made this the “Best Summer Ever” was CHARLA! lol, that was hilarious… Go Charla!

The Amazing Race Philippines Rumors

Well the coutdown to TAR in the Philippines continues

There is a rumor that Gloria Arroyo’s daughter Luli will be with Phil greeting the teams at the first Philippine pit stop in Manila.

And the funniest rumor going around is that the detour will be choosing between BALUT or PANCIT
I can hear it now…. Phil: “A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this detour teams will have to choose between – Balut or Pancit… Long Noodles or Little Chicken… A Lotta Pancit or A Little Balut…
in Little Chicken, both team members have to eat a Balut, a boiled egg. What the teams don’t know is that the egg is (hmm… I don’t know, how would you describe it?)… The teams may not be used to this Philippine delicacy, but if they muster up the courage, they can finish the small egg in a small amount of time…. In Long Noodles teams will have to finish a huge platter of Pancit, another Philippine dish… it may taste better than the balut, but teams may take a long time to finish the huge portion….
i dunno

How about Dinuguan/Dinardaraan? (“What is this made out of?” “Pork blood”)

I can’t wait! 9 more days till the teams head to the Philippines!

THE PASSION OF CONNER premieres tomorrow at 11:30AM on ABC Family after the Legacy of the Battlizer Marathon

I finally got to see Sandara’s Maalaala Mo Kaya today on KTSF (I could’ve seen it weeks ago if we had TFC … pretty good, I liked seeing SCQ moments I never saw before

Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 9 – “If You’re Going to Whine, Just Shut Up!”

Good episode, the last few weeks have been better though… Glad Linda and Karen were just involved in a misunderstanding instead of Colin’s pointless tirade against the Tanzanian Police…

Once Brandon and Nicole went to the FF I knew it would be non-elimination… at least I hoped it would be.. Brandon looked completely shocked it was funny… ugh Colin and Christie first again… the YIELD and FF seem useless this season…


My ranks after leg/episode nine: