Mini-Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 14 – Truth and Consequences

Pretty non-eventful episode, though I did love them beating the crap out of Trent.  (even after he did the same to them).  Definitely hated the Kira/Trent scenes.  Can he be anymore annoying?  I was glad when Conner and Ethan (Hayley too?) ganged up on Kira for defending him.  Dr. O (lol) staying fossilized in the “amber substance” was another plus.  And the scenes with Mesagog and Trent were hard to read.  Maybe he was happy that his son was the white ranger?  Though, he should’ve known a long time ago. 

Next week’s episode looks to be a filler, but a funny one.  WHEN WILL THIS WHITE RANGER CRAP END?!?!?!?!?!

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