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My 2023 K-Drama All-Stars
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Hindsight Review and Mini-Finale Recap: Even with Some Missed Opportunities, “Taxi Driver 2” Still a Must Watch

Taxi Driver was my favorite drama series of 2021. It was such an exciting and fun television experience, mixing adrenaline-fueled action, lighthearted humor and vicarious satisfaction. Watching the Rainbow Taxi team’s unique brand of vigilante justice and their sincerity in helping the powerless was just amazing. So when a season two was confirmed, it was more than welcome news.

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These two episodes of Taxi Driver were interesting. Mostly because I’m not sure I actually liked or enjoyed them. And it’s not because the subject matter was uncomfortable or anything like that. It just felt like the case of the week was a bit too “out there” compared to the more relatable and character-driven cases our Rainbow Taxi friends usually take care of.

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Mini-Recap: “Taxi Driver 2” – Episodes 3 and 4
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