Good Ol’ Review: The Cutest, Sweetest and Most Satisfying “Sing My Crush”

Good Ol’ Review: The Cutest, Sweetest and Most Satisfying “Sing My Crush”

No spoilers.

Sing My Crush (따라바람) easily contends as my favorite Korean BL series. That title for me goes to Light On Me. But Sing My Crush features many of the same things that endeared the former to me and still resonates even today. This feel-good, heartwarming, cute, sweet and fluffy series doesn’t aim to reinvent the genre. But it successfully delivers the dreamy adventure into young romance and sincere friendship. With the excellent leads Jang Do Yoon and Son Hyun Woo leading the way, Sing My Crush is easily one of the most satisfying series you’ll get the chance to enjoy.

Han Ba Ram (Jang Do Yoon) and Im Han Tae (Son Hyun Woo) first run into each other, literally, as high school students on the way to a music audition. When the audition does not go Ba Ram’s way, Han Tae decides he will do what he can to support his musical dreams. That leads to them moving in together after high school and Ba Ram joining a band with Han Tae’s friends Young Mi and Jeong Pal.

Though they are living a comfortable and positive life, painful memories from the past unexpectedly throw everything up in the air. Both Ba Ram and Han Tae must deal with that difficult hurdle while sorting out their own feelings and emotions for each other.

Sing My Crush Review

Sing My Crush is a wonderful story that touches on first loves and genuine friendships. With Ba Ram and Han Tae, they are able to quickly become friends and it is a relationship that is centered around their support of each other rather than immediately jumping into any romantic. That allows for a well-paced progression in their characters. That even if the romantic feelings are quite obvious from the start, their relationship begins in a sincere place.

That refreshing change of pace helps to support what is truly a feel-good story. Even if it features one of the most contemptable antagonists trying to ruin all the wonderful feels! (lol)

It is hard not to just have a smile on your face during all eight episodes of the series. There are times when you want to reach for someone or something to hug. Or better yet, hug yourself while watching every sweet and kilig moments between Ba Ram and Han Tae.

Jang Do Yoon and Son Hyun Woo have such amazing chemistry. And it is such a treat to watch them guide their characters toward one of the most emotionally satisfying finales I’ve ever seen, BL series or not.

The way Ba Ram and Han Tae support each other and care for each other, while still each having their tiny flaws make their story quite realistic and even relatable. They help bring out the best in each other. They help each other find the confidence to move forward. Even with familiar misunderstandings and stubborn pride trying to chip away at their relationship, the way they are able to come back together in a realistic and healthy way is a big positive.

Sing My Crush Review

Their friendship with bandmates Young Mi and Jeong Pal add an extra and welcome layer to the heartwarming sincerity that flows throughout the series as well.

The series also has one of the best soundtracks you’ll get from any series. And that soundtrack plays a big part in one particular scene in the final episode that truly brings everything together. And really solidifies the series’ positive, heartwarming and feel-good vibes.

Sing My Crush Review

Overall, Sing My Crush is such an unexpected gem for me. I went into the series with no expectations. I saw and read nothing about it before starting and I think that helped me fully experience the series as it is without any influence, either way. Just a truly wonderful series that brings together a strong cast, solid story and excellent music for an ultimately resonant and feel-good experience.

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