First Impression Review: Lots of Potential as Jo Berry Shines in Refreshing “Lilet Matias: Attorney-at-Law”

First Impression Review: Lots of Potential as Jo Berry Shines in Refreshing “Lilet Matias: Attorney-at-Law”

Basic first two week spoilers.

It’s hard to find refreshingly different Filipino teleseryes these days. Which is why it’s a wonderful treat when a series like GMA Network’s Lilet Matias: Attorney-at-Law comes along. This new drama series with the talented Jo Berry in the title role is one of the rare local soaps that immediately showcases why it deserves that daily commitment or weekly binge. While I’m regrettably a few weeks behind so far, the first two weeks of the series that I’ve watched have definitely kept me hooked.

The series begins when the baby that housekeeper Ces Matias (Joyce Ching/Glenda Garcia) finds abandoned in front of the mansion turns out to be the result of her boss’ one-night stand with a woman whose name he does not even know. Not wanting to hurt his family, businessman Ramir Engano (Martin del Rosario/Bobby Andrews) and Ces agree to pass the baby off as the child of Ces’ cousin whom she will now take care of while working at the mansion. This way, Ramir is able to provide care for the baby who will grow up to become our title character Lilet Matias (Jo Berry), especially after finding out that she has achondroplasia.

Lilet grows up not knowing her father is living in the same house where she works as a housekeeper alongside her Auntie Ces. And while she encounters discrimination and scorn for her outward appearance, including from Ramir’s wife and daughter (Sheryl Cruz and Zonia Mejia), Lilet has a hopeful and positive outlook on life. And has worked hard to graduate from college with the hopes of working in law.

From here, familiar soapy plot threads begin. From Lilet finding out the truth and facing the wrath of Ramir’s family to experiencing grave injustice when she and Ces move out of the mansion to Lilet yearning for the love of her biological mother, the path for Lilet to eventually become a full-fledged attorney is carefully set.

These first two weeks include some engaging, even if familiar, moments that you come to expect in a soap opera. Especially as the series still establishes the difficulties and hurdles our title character must face before rising up and being successful.

But the thing that makes me the most excited is the anticipation of what is to come with the series. Not just watching Lilet’s journey to becoming a successful attorney. But seeing the cases in which she shows how she can become a successful attorney.

There are not very many procedural-type series on Philippine television. So it is another reason to take notice of a series like Lillet Matias where they are able to blend together the traditional trappings of a daily soap opera with the cases of the week approach of western procedurals, especially legal dramas.

A preview showcased the many guest stars that would be appearing during the series, implying Lilet would be in charge of several cases throughout. And that is something very much to look forward to. The possibilities are endless in the types of cases and people Lilet will work with during the course of the series. The series will be able to tell these different stories, sometimes fodder for the network’s weekend shows enthusiastically depicting crimes and abuses, while also telling traditional soapy stories with Lilet and her family and friends.

The network describes the series as Attorney Lilet fighting for “the rights of the Davids against the Goliaths of our society”. And that is such a perfect way to easily describe what one can hope for from the series. Inspirational and exciting stories of Lilet fighting for justice. And having a parade of guest stars helping to tell those engaging stories.

Lilet Matias Philippine Drama Review

Jo Berry is such a dynamic young actress who has delivered engaging performances in all her roles so far, especially her first lead role, another title role in Onanay. She leads a cast of veteran actors and young newcomers. But Jo Berry is absolutely the standout and deservedly so.

The series promises engaging and inspiring stories as Lilet fights for justice and takes on various cases, showcasing the endless possibilities of the procedural format while also exploring traditional soap opera narratives involving Lilet’s personal life and relationships.

Though the worry about a Filipino teleserye falling off as its proceeds is always there, Lilet Matias opens with such strong potential and as much hope as the title characters has in life. So for now, we’re hooked and looking forward to what’s ahead.

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