Saturday Sounds, May 25, 2024 – ASC2NT, Leo, NEXZ, SEVENTEEN, Chanmin

I’ve been catching up with all the fresh new music that’s been released so far this month while I’m out of the country with my family. And of those new songs, I’ve definitely added many of them to my playlist on the long drives and lazy afternoons here in the Philippines. Here’s some of my favorites so far and they’re all definitely perfect for that hot, humid afternoon vibes under the coconut or banana trees!

“Love Me Do” by ASC2NT

Where have I been that I did not know Karam, Injun and Jay of The Boss/DGNA was re-debuting as ASC2NT with two new members? Well, I’m here now and wowow! I definitely love “Love Me Do”. Their debut title track has a cheerful and addictive melody with a bright message that definitely fits perfectly with the members’ fresh and hopeful start. Looking forward to listening to the rest of their debut album.

“Come Closer” by LEO

I really loved Leo’s “One Look” last year. So I was really looking forward to his first comeback. And he definitely did not disappoint. “Come Closer” is of similar, yet different and fresh sound from his debut. The R&B track offers up the perfect vibes and Leo’s performance is easily captivating.

“Ride the Vibe” by NEXZ

JYPE’s newest boy group NEXZ delivers a refreshing sound and performance with their debut title track “Ride the Vibe”. The blend of hip-hop and electronic elements give the track an immediately attention-grabbing sound. And the talented rookies definitely command attention with this vibey track and charismatic performance.

“Spell” by SEVENTEEN (Performance Team)

SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit of Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino have consistently delivered some of my favorite songs from the group overall. And they do so again with “Spell”. The song will definitely cast a spell on you with its dreamy synth-infused melody and rhythmic percussion beats of the Amapiano genre from South Africa. It’s really a track that needs to just be experienced and the four members deliver just mesmerizing performances both in vocals and in the accompanying music video with its sultry choreography.

“Cinema” by Chanmin

YouTube Recommendations strike again. And of course in the best way possible! Thank you YouTube for introducing me to talented young singer-songwriter Chanmin and his latest title track “Cinema”. The nostalgic, bittersweet, but hopeful track packs such a relatable and emotional punch. It’s easy to get lost in the wistful melody before being affected by the heartfelt lyrics. And Chanmin’s vocals perfectly express those conflicted, but meaningful emotions.

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