Monday, April 8, 2024 – Crossing Rain, ONLEE, LYKN x Joong and Pond, Lucas

A good mix of tracks today from Crossing Rain, ONLEE, LYKN with Joong and Pond and Lucas.

“Colors” by Crossing Rain

Crossing Rain has been on a roll with their releases lately. The Hawaiian pop group continues with another great track in “Colors”. This time, a mellower R&B-powered track that gets the group to show off their vocals. And the accompanying music video continues a narrative series from their recent releases as well. Definitely check these talented guys out!

“Love Algorithm” by ONLEE

YouTube recommendations helped me discover ONLEE and he’s been a great artist to follow whenever he has new music. “Love Algorithm” is another great song with calm vibes and a sweet message.

“Charm” by LYKN x Joong, Pond

I’ve enjoyed LYKN’s tracks so far. And their latest release featuring Joong and Pond is another catchy one. A charismatic and powerful performance from the group and their GMMTV brothers. And also a great way to showcase the multi-talented artists of the company.

“Renegade” by Lucas

So, don’t ask about whatever controversies Lucas has faced recently because I have no clue. But watching the music videos of his official solo debut track “Renegade,” it’s hard to deny he definitely has charisma. But this song might not be the best showcase for what he is capable of as a soloist. It is a rock-based hip-hop track that should be much more impactful than it is.

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