Music Monday, April 1, 2024 – AMPERS&ONE, BoA, TAN, UNIS

No April fools here! Here’s four new tracks from AMPERS&ONE, BoA, TAN and UNIS.

“Broken Heart” by AMPERS&ONE

A rousing comeback for the rookie group. “Broken Heart” is a charismatic and powerful performance.

“Emptiness” by BoA

Always great to have fresh music from BoA. “Emptiness” is a great track that BoA delivers with confidence and swagger, basically telling a guy to kiss off.

“Hypertonic” by TAN

TAN return with a catch and bouncy dance track. “Hypertonic” has a bit of a fresh vibe compared to their recent releases. So it is a great new track from the talented group. (And have you seen their interesting YouTube series?!)

“Superwoman” by UNIS

“Superwoman” is a catch, bright and charming debut for UNIS. It might not be my cup of tea and not a song I’ll be listening to regularly. But it is definitely a great start for the new group.

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