Music Monday, March 18, 2024 – SEVENUS, XODIAC, NOMAD, TMC

Enjoy these new tracks from talented rookies SEVENUS, XODIAC, NOMAD and TMC.

“Want You Back” by SEVENUS

It was so great to see Heejae and Ireah of MASC redebut as SEVENUS last year. So it’s even more exciting to have them make their first comeback with album Spring Canvas. Title track “Want You Back” is another bright track. The pop-rock song has an addictive guitar line that delivers the emotions of separation and regret in a contradictory bright melody. But it comes together in one great package.


I have really enjoyed XODIAC’s music the last year. And they are back with a brand new single album Xoul Day. Synth-infused title track “HEYDAY” is a wonderfully nostalgic track that the rookies offer as a special song for their fans. It even has a cinematic MV that perfectly evokes the great feels of the song.

“No Pressure” by NOMAD

“California Love” by NOMAD

I don’t know anything about rookie group NOMAD. But checking out their tracks “No Pressure” and “California Love” definitely makes me want to find out more! Both tracks have the group delivering some perfect R&B vibes. “No Pressure” features some clever and catch lyrics while “California Love” is the perfect vibe of a song to listen to as you drive down the California coast at sunset! A great introduction to these talented rookies!

“Pew Pew Pew” by TMC

I don’t know anything about TMC either. I actually thought they were twins! But this rookie duo makes their official debut with the colorful “Pew Pew Pew”. It is a fun and witty track that definitely captures your attention.

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