Thursday Tunes, March 14, 2024 – HIGHLIGHT, Ayno, TEMPEST, LUN8

New tracks from HIGHLIGHT, Ayno, TEMPEST, LUN8


Highlight comes back with a refreshing track in “Body”. The fun and playful track allows the group to have a bit more fun with this release. The rest of the album Switch On has similarly bright tracks including my favorites “Feel Your Love (48.6Hertz)” and “How to Love”.

“Good Mistakes” by Ayno

Noh Yoonho, aka Ayno, was one of my favorite contestants on the reality survivor show No Mercy. I was happy when he joined VAV, a group I had already been following at the time. And I am even more happy to see him release a solo track! “Good Mistakes” is a great vibe and an opportunity for Ayno to show his individual talent and charms.

Lighthouse” by TEMPEST

“There” by TEMPEST

TEMPEST’s latest title track “Lighthouse” is a charismatic track with a hopeful message. The smooth melody offers up a dynamic and mature sound for the group. The same can be said for “There” which also has a music video released for it. The midtempo track is a great vibe. And the other two tracks on the album TEMPEST Voyage are solid hip-hop-infused tracks as well.

“Super Power” by LUN8

LUN8 make their first comeback with a great title track in “Super Power”. The funky pop-dance track is an easily appealing performance from the talented rookies. The rest of the album Buff is a solid showcase for the group. My favorite track is still “Pastel” which was the album’s pre-release track a few weeks ago.

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