Music Monday, March 11, 2024 – PLAVE, xikers, ZEROBASEONE, and Sandara Park

An amazing revelation from PLAVE! New tracks from xikers and ZEROBASEONE. And a surprise collab between and Sandara Park!

“Way 4 Luv” by PLAVE

So I have seen and heard of PLAVE, but haven’t really checked them out. When I saw that they won a few music shows last week, I thought now is as good a time as any to finally do so. And when I did, I was so upset. Because why in the world had I not listened to their music sooner?!?! Wowow! They’re amazing! I of course first checked out their latest, music show-winning title track “Way 4 Luv”. And I can definitely see and hear why they are getting lots of positive attention for it. What a great song and performance.

The group is very interesting. They are not AI, but actual real-life humans. And so there’s actual people singing the songs and performing the choreography. Really a refreshingly different way to experience music. But a welcome one. Especially when they have songs and performances like “Way 4 Luv” and the rest of their latest album Asterum : 134-1. My favorite tracks from the album other than the title are “Watch Me Woo!” and the ballad “From”.

I’m definitely going to be checking out their previous releases now!

“We Don’t Stop” by xikers

Xikers are back with the rock-hip-hop track “We Don’t Stop”. The rest of the album House of Tricky : Trial and Error has similar vibes. Powerful and energetic tracks that have the group showing off their charisma.

“Yura Yura” by ZEROBASEONE

A really great and energetic new track from ZEROBASEONE. This Japanese release is a cute and charming pop track that has ZB1 delivering a great, refreshing performance. A bit of a different side to them from their recent release. But very much in line with their sound and style so far.

“2 Proud” by and Sandra Park

Quite an unexpected surprise collab. But a welcome surprise though! and Sandara Park’s “2 Proud” is an absolute vibe of a track. They blend together very well on the breezy track

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