Music Monday, February 26, 2024 – CRAVITY, Wooseok, VXON, TWICE

Music Monday, February 26, 2024 – CRAVITY, Wooseok, VXON, TWICE

It’s still Monday somewhere in the world! Hehe. Because these tracks just can’t wait to be appreciated! Enjoy excellent performances from CRAVITY, PENTAGON’s Wooseok, VXON and TWICE!

“Love or Die” by CRAVITY

I didn’t know what to expect coming into CRAVITY’s “Love or Die”. But I came out of this track and music video loving it! The group’s latest comeback is such an awesomely fresh sound from them. They’ve always released some catchy tunes. But this is a wonderfully pleasant surprise for me. The drum and bass rhythm helps it be an immediately attention-grabbing track. And it’s a really great addition to the group’s already solid discography. A nice step forward too.

The rest of the album Evershine has more of the group’s recognizable sound and style. And aside from this title track, the closer “Over & Over” is another one I really like as well as “C’est La Vie”.

“Navy Blue” by Wooseok

PENTAGON’s Jung Wooseok included two solo tracks in his special unit album with Wanna One alum Kuanlin in 2019. Both of which I really loved. I always enjoy when “Always Difficult Always Beautiful” and “Domino” by Wooseok pop up in my music rotation. So seeing that he has finally returned with new solo music really got me excited. Even more so after I actually listened to the two new tracks from the single album Empty Paper. Both title track “Navy Blue” and “Sketch” are just so good. The self-composed tracks are the perfect showcase for Wooseok as an artist. And they’re both easily two of my favorite tracks so far this year!

“SSP (Saksak sa Puso)” by VXON

No official music video yet for any new track from VXON’s strong album 20:20. =( But at least we get this special live performance video from them of the album’s de facto title track “SSP (Saksak sa Puso)”. I really enjoyed it upon first listen last month. But with it on repeat for me since then, I’ve grown to really love it. Such a charismatic and attention-grabbing performance from the group. We just need more people to experience it! And this special video can definitely help! If no music videos, Cornerstone, please give us more of these live sessions!

“One Spark” by TWICE

I have really loved TWICE’s recent title tracks. Both in Korea and Japan. The global superstars have shown such great growth in recent years. But they always still showcase that irresistible charm that made so many fans of theirs as well. “One Spark” is another track that shows the group’s maturity while still being bright and charming.

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