Music Monday. February 19, 2024 – Cha Eunwoo, The Wind, MIRAE, WEi

Music Monday. February 19, 2024 – Cha Eunwoo, The Wind, MIRAE, WEi
It’s still Monday in Alaska and Hawaii! Hehe. Here are some great new tracks and releases from Cha Eunwoo, The Wind, MIRAE and WEi.

“Stay” by Cha Eunwoo

“Where Am I” by Cha Eunwoo

I am so impressed by Cha Eunwoo’s solo debut. I don’t know what I expected from his solo release in terms of sound and style. But title track “Stay” and the rest of the album Entity perfectly suit his voice and charisma. The music videos for both “Stay” and “Where Am I” showcase Eunwoo’s unmistakable star power. And the songs perfectly play to his strengths, while still allowing him to show off a different side of himself. One that allows him to be able to stand on his own in a way that he might not have yet. Really a wonderful and pleasant surprise of a release. Though perhaps anyone who has followed Eunwoo’s career in ASTRO and then in acting would have expected such a strong performance from him.

“H! TEEN” by The Wind

The Wind is back with another bright release in “H! TEEN”. The group delivers once again with a song that perfectly suits their youthful aura while also allowing them to take a step forward as well compared to their releases so far. It’s a catchy track and a solid release from the talented rookies.

“Running Up” by MIRAE

I have really liked MIRAE since their debut, but haven’t really had a song from them that I can always return to whenever I feel like it. “Running Up” might just be that track. This Japanese release is a slight departure from MIRAE’s other releases so far, but still suits the group very well. If anything, it offers a promising preview of what might be ahead for the group. Especially for a future Korean comeback. The electro-pop dance track is very catchy and a song that I think I won’t get tired of after many listens.

“Fake Love” by WEi

Also releasing a fresh Japanese track is WEi with “Fake Love”. The electric guitar-powered melody offers a great backdrop for the song’s lyrics conveying post-breakup feelings. A bit of a moody dance track that still offers the group the opportunity for another charismatic performance. A catchy chorus and choreography help to seal the deal for another strong release from WEi.

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