Thursday Tunes, February 8, 2024 – EPEX, BOY STORY, TWICE, P1Harmony, VROMANCE

Enjoy this new tracks from EPEX, BOY STORY, TWICE, P1Harmony, VROMANCE

“Graduation Day” by EPEX

EPEX’s new pre-release track “Graduation Day” is a pleasant surprise. A wonderfully nostalgic and meaningful track, especially leading up to the groups first full-length album. In telling the story of a boy’s growth into a young man with the backdrop of a graduation ceremony, the song evokes hopeful and nostalgic emotions. Really a great track that might be a big contrast to the group’s bigger and much louder title tracks. But a very good showcase for their own growth as artists. Be on the lookout for the members’ real parents in the music video too! All adding to the song’s meaningful performance.

“Alpha” by BOY STORY

It really has been so great to watch BOY STORY grow up as young men and artists. They show that growth with every release. And their latest title track “Alpha” is no different. The boys deliver a powerful performance of this energetic hip-hop dance track. And its addictive hook will definitely have you coming back to this track and these talented guys. The rest of this album 極/JI has a great mix of tracks, including a few cyphers, an English version of the title track and the great “Lost” and “Please”.

“I Got You” by TWICE

Their fellow members of JYP Nation, TWICE, also release a great song in “I Got You”. Accompanied by a cinematic music video, “I Got You” has the group singing of their mutual support of each other whether in good times and bad. And the song’s melody and the members’ vocal performance come together for a wonderfully uplifting pop track.

“Killin’ It” by P1Harmony

P1Harmony has definitely established a particular sound for their title tracks as of late. “Killin’ It” continues with a catchy hip-hop sound that allows the group to deliver a confident performance. It’s not necessarily the kind of track I’ll have on my repeat playlist. But it’s a track that will surely catch many people’s attention. The rest of the group’s first full length album of the same name serves as a sort of encapsulation of their musical journey so far. My favorites of the ten tracks are “Late Night Calls”, “Love Story” and “I See U”.

“Hello” by VROMANCE

If you want vocals, you’ll always get it with VROMANCE. The talented vocalists release their newest track “Hello”. The emotional ballad is absolutely a showcase for the trio’s talents. And this is a track you just have to listen to and appreciate.

Also a must-watch is this Vocals Only performance on 1theK:

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