Saturday Sounds, February 3, 2024 – Maja Salvador, Crossing Rain, VANNER, OWV, Lyson

A diverse mix of tracks from Maja Salvador, Crossing Rain, VANNER, OWV, Lyson

“Sugal” by Maja Salvador

Wowow! What an unexpected, but wonderful surprise from Maja Salvador! This fresh-sounding pop-dance track fits perfectly into the continually growing P-pop scene. You’ll have no problem getting up and dancing along. Maja shows the youngins how it’s done with a fun and captivating performance of this catchy track. And she definitely leaves no doubt that she’s still the same talented performer.

“2 Little 2 Late” by Crossing Rain

I’ve followed Hawaii-based boy group Crossing Rain for a while. And it’s great to see a group like them be able to showcase their talents and culture in this way. Their latest track “2 Little 2 Late” is definitely my favorite release from them so far. The pop/R&B-powered dance track is, I think, their most polished release yet. The group delivers a charismatic performance of the catchy track. And for anyone not familiar with them, it is a great song to introduce you to the talented group.

“Jackpot” by VANNER

VANNER sings of friendship and brotherhood in their latest comeback, the rock-infused “Jackpot”. The group delivers an energetic and charismatic performance with an appealing confidence and swagger that matches the song’s vibes. The rest of the album Capture the Flag has five more good songs with my favorites being “Ponytail” and “Across the Stars”.

“Bremen” by OWV

Great to see Japanese group OWV back with fresh music. “Bremen” is a rousing dance track that has the group delivering a charismatic and attention-grabbing performance.

“Sunday Brunch” by LYSON

Solo artist Lyson releases the soulful R&B track “Sunday Brunch”. The coffee house vibes of the track perfectly suit Lyson’s soft vocals. And the warm sentiment of the lyrics make for a breezy, feel-good song.

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