Thursday Tunes, January 18, 2024 – BxB, ALL(H)OURS, 8TURN, TRENDZ, RIIZE

Almost caught up with the latest music of the year. Here’s some new tracks from BxB, ALL(H)OURS, 8TURN, TRENDZ and RIIZE.

“The Black Cat Nero” by BxB

“Airplane” by BxB

I’m always rooting for BxB. They deserved so much more as TRCNG. But it’s great to see them doing well so far on this next chapter of their careers. And what a wonderful surprise they’ve released with their first official comeback since their re-debut. I enjoyed their songs last year, but I was really blown away by their pre-release track “The Black Cat”. It is a track that is playful, dynamic and harkens back to the awesome K-pop of ten years ago while still sounding current and modern. The playful, flirtatious lyrics and performance of the group is so enjoyable and makes an immediate impact. You can’t help yourself from meowing right along with them. Really!

Title track “Airplane” and B-side track “Found You” are also equally great tracks. And together make Chapter 2: Wings an excellent release. But “The Black Cat” is the first song this year so far that I can see on my Year-End List.

“Gotcha” by ALL(H)OURS

Rookie group ALL(H)OURS make a solid debut with title track “Gotcha”. It is the kind of rousing hip-hop-focused dance track that make for a strong first impression. And the boys do a good job of asserting themselves and showcasing their charisma and talent with this performance. The rest of their debut album All Ours is a great introduction to the group. My favorite track from it is “Racer”.

“Ru-Pum-Pum” by 8TURN

8TURN had a solid debut and they are back with “Ru-Pum-Pum”. This hip-hop dance track definitely has a catchy hook and melody. And the group matches swagger with their strong, charismatic performance. The rest of the album Stunning features similar tracks that evoke a youthful and energetic vibe.

“Go Up” by TRENDZ

TRENDZ has released some of my favorite songs the last two years. And “Go Up” is another great and enjoyable track. The bright dance track offers a refreshing vibe from the group while still fitting perfectly with their so-far strong discography. Another great release and performance from the group.

“Love 119” by RIIZE

RIIZE took the K-pop world by storm with their debut, quickly asserting themselves as super rookies. But their latest release “Love 119” allows the group to show off a different side of themselves. The softer, mid-tempo track is a great way to see the group’s potential and versatility. And I think I quite it more than their more viral tracks so far.

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