Recap: Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with Donbrothers

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with Donbrothers

Haruka returns to Café Donbura after grocery shopping and is shocked to find strange people inside with a man holding Shinichi on the floor in a seeming headlock. The man says it should be obvious what he’s doing and that they’re almost done.

Haruka’s has no freakin’ clue what’s happening and then another man comes walking out of the back with some fresh “Dino Curry”.

After calming down a bit, the man who made the curry introduces himself as Hakua Ryouga from Interpol. He says he used to work at Dino House cafe and felt nostalgic, so he cooked their signature dish.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with Donbrothers

The man who had Shinichi in a headlock is chiropractor Sanjyou Yukito and the woman is his wife Emiri. Shinichi wakes up and says he had asked Yukito to help with his stiff shoulders. Haruka scolds Shinichi for having their customers work and then throws her back out. Yukito asks the two of them if they are Super Sentai members.

Yukito says their work as Sentai have caused them combat fatigue.

Haruka and Shinichi ask who they are and they explain that they are Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. After recapping their season and sharing how they had many friends help them fight evil along the way, Haruka and Shinichi cannot comprehend the idea that a Sentai Red can be so positive and cheerful and actually be friends with his comrades. Quite the contrary to Tarou.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with Donbrothers

Yukito advises them to remain physically fit in order to be in top shape to protect the world. He says he will help Haruka with her bad back next, but he must finish with Shinichi’s treatment. Shinichi, however, says he now knows the source of his body pain is Tarou himself. What with his horrible personality and the stress he causes them. Shinichi believes this could lead to long-lasting effects on their bodies. So now he knows what he has to do.

Just then, their Donblasters pop up and they explain to the Abarangers that this means the enemy has appeared. Shinichi thinks this is the perfect time to cure his pains by beating Tarou.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with Donbrothers

Haruka, however, is unable to hurry out with Shinichi when he back goes. Emiri stays behind to help Haruka while Ryouga and Yukito follow after Shinichi.

Shinichi arrives at a parking garage where Tarou is already fighting the Hitotsuki Hyogaki. Shinichi jumps in and is resolved to defeat the Hitotsuki before Tarou in order to cure his ailments. Tarou thinks that’s hilarious and he and Shinichi begin fighting each other.

Ryouga and Yukito arrive to this curious scene and think Reiwa Sentai are pretty weird. They decide to henshin and deal with the Hitotsuki while the Donbros are busy.

Tarou, however, stops them and explains that there is a human inside the Hitotsuki. And that person will die if anyone other than a Donbro defeats the monster. Ryouga has an idea. He has Tarou grab on to his staff and hurls him toward the Hitotsuki. He delivers the attack, but Tarou lands the hit.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with Donbrothers

Tarou understands and they work together to take on the Hitotsuki. Yukito has a perfect idea to help defeat the Hitotsuki and help with Shinichi’s back pain. He realigns Shinichi’s back with a tap of his Tricera Bunker and sends him flying at the Hitotsuki. The hit is enough to finish off the Hitotsuki for good.

They all head back to Donbura and Shinichi celebrates finally beating Tarou and curing his ailments. Yukita tells Emiri that it was actually him that cured his pains. But it’s alright.

Emiri, meanwhile, gave

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