Music Monday, November 20, 2023 – F.CUZ, ENHYPEN, Giuk, &TEAM and 3EYE.

Enjoy these five tracks from F.CUZ, ENHYPEN, Giuk, &TEAM and 3EYE.

“Beautiful Girl (2023)” by F.CUZ

Great to have more OT6 F.CUZ versions of their songs. “Beautiful Girl” is a song previously released in YEAR. And now the group recently released their OT6 version and an accompanying music video. It’s a wonderful pop track where the group’s vocals definitely take center stage.

“Sweet Venom” by ENHYPEN

After releasing the addictive “Bite Me” earlier this year, ENHYPEN switches it up with a funkier vibe with “Sweet Venom”. The pop-dance track is definitely a groovy mood maker. And it is very refreshing to actually have a song rather than a TikTok sound ready to trend, if you know what I mean. The boys of course deliver a charismatic performance. And the collab version of the track with Bella Poarch offers up a different, though equally enjoyable experience as well. The playful back and forth adds an extra dimension to the already great track. The rest of album is great as well.

“Scratch” by Giuk (ONEWE)

ONEWE’s Giuk returns with an excellent follow-up to his solo debut earlier this year. “Scratch” is a soaring emotional rock track. The piano helps to provide an extra bit of emotional heft to the meaningful lyrics and energetic melody. And together with Giuk’s vocals, definitely help to deliver the conflicting emotions the track conveys. The rest of the album Rise Waves has a great mix of tracks, including some bright songs and collabs as well.

“War Cry” by &TEAM

I actually haven’t heard much from &TEAM since their debut around this time last year. But they have just released their first full album with title track “War Cry”. It’s an energetic pop-dance track and a powerful performance. The album features all the songs they’ve released so far, so it gave me an opportunity to catch up with the group. And their title track from earlier this year “Firework” actually really caught my attention. Probably my favorite from them based on this compilation.

“LOCO” by 3EYE

3EYE releasing a brand-new track just reminded me how long ago 777 (Triple 7) released the amazing “Presente”. But also then made me realize it’s been even longer since 3EYE released new music of their own as well. “LOCO” is a welcome arrival. And its dreamy vibes and unique sound help to set 3EYE apart from the rest. A perfect concept for the talented trio and their vocals and performance show why they definitely deserve much more attention.

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