Appreciation: My Thoroughly Exciting and Satisfying Nine Year Journey with “Attack on Titan”

Attack on Titan Finale

It was 2014. I had heard the title Attack on Titan being talked about, but never really had the urge to check it out until it popped up while I scrolled through Hulu. At the time, I thought “Why not?” And so I clicked play and never looked back. I unwittingly hitched a ride on what would be an exciting, emotional and fun adventure for the next nine years.

Attack on Titan was the very first anime series I ever watched live as it aired. Binging that first season and then waiting for the next new episodes was an experience I’d never had before. But it was a worthy experience, especially now that the series has come to an end.

During my watch of that first season, I was drawn to what was a familiar and relatable story in a fascinating setting. Three young friends get caught up in a war between humans and strange, giant humanoid creatures known as Titans. A mix of endearing characters and exciting action, I was immediately hooked.

Attack on Titan Finale

Little did I know what would be ahead. The series would take many twists and turns. Shocking surprises and emotional turning points. It was easy to become invested in these characters. And that helped to navigate through what would be a very intricate and far-reaching story.

After the end of season 3 in 2019, I finally decided to pick up the manga. I couldn’t wait until the anime returned for its final season. I started reading the manga where season 3’s episodes left off. And then proceeded to wait every month for the next new chapter. That might have been even more nerve-wracking than waiting for the anime! Lol Especially as the story continued to ramp up all the way to the climactic final chapter.

It was definitely a different experience watching the anime episodes featuring scenes and stories that I had read in the manga just months before. But even knowing what was going to happen, I was still as excited and on the edge of my seat watching every episode as I was reading every panel. That’s just how engaging Attack on Titan was and is. I would love to get a chance to watch the series all the way from the beginning again.

Attack on Titan Finale

And then the final chapter came and now the final episode. Simply put, I am satisfied with the ending of Attack on Titan. I think Hajime Isayama wrapped up his story wonderfully, following up on the themes he so captivatingly laid out the last ten years.

There is a lot to like and love about the series. But for me, my favorite part about it all is the OT3. I have always believed Eren, Mikasa and Armin are the heart and soul of the series. I believed whatever endgame the series had, it would always center around them. The ultimate climax would always involve them. And that was certainly the case.

Attack on Titan Finale

Maybe it’s my own experience with a whole range of different media. Stories from tokusatsu to Korean drama to American soap operas and everything in between. I just felt that the series really revolved around the friendship between Eren, Mikasa and Armin. And from the first episode and chapter to the final panels and episode, it was their story that was most captivating. And in turn, helped to support all the other intriguing stories that ran alongside them.

Not everyone may be happy with the ending. But everyone can take every piece of content however way they like. For me, Attack on Titan wrapped up in a way that was satisfying. And because Eren, Mikasa and Armin were my ultimates, seeing how they provided the emotional backbone for this finale made it all the more satisfying for me.

14 years since Hajime Isayama started this journey. Nine of those years, I was a part of it. And I enjoyed every minute.

Attack on Titan Finale

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